Child nurturing involves various stages of the emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development of a child starting from infancy to their adulthood. Parenting style affects how your child would feel about themselves and how they will behave socially. Ensure yourself that you properly interact with your child, listen to their problems carefully, help them resolve their issues. All of this would assist in their development.

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Parenting styles. Adopt a good one.

Below are some of the general parenting styles that the masses opt for. Let us dig into them.

Permissive parents

Permissive parents are very lenient and easy going. They are concerned only when there is a severe problem. They do not teach their kids proper manners and discipline, thinking they are too young to learn the social ethics. They are friendly though, but they do not set any rules, and their kids are freer and do not take things seriously. Other parents remain uninvolved and do not care for any consequences. They do not take much interest in studies or activities essential for the development of their kids.

Authoritative parents

Authoritative parenting seems to be a better option. Parents value their child’s opinion, take an interest in their academic activities, and take their feelings and problems into consideration. They invest time and effort in preventing behavior problems before they start. These kids are more successful, and their decision making is more accurate as they are more confident and know their parents will support them.

Here are some steps you should take into consideration to become a good parent:

Role model:

Kids would rather follow into the footsteps of their elders than take their advice. Become a good role model for them so they are proud of you and they would want to become exactly like you.

Be positive:

You should always share virtuous and positive experiences with your child. This will create positivity in them, and they will offer the same to others. Kids form the memories about what you tell them, and they carry it with them for their whole life.

Be available to them:

It is quite hard for working parents to find time and spend most it with kids. However, it is imperative for you to develop a bond with them and listen to their problems and provide them with every possible solution. Whenever your kid is in trouble, you should be the first one to come to his mind with whom he can share.


Do not make discipline a punishment for your kid. Control is essential in your child’s life. Create a friendly environment, but at the same time, you must also teach them to be well behaved.

Teach them values:

Your kid must learn the values of patience, cooperation, apologies, and forgiving others. This helps them in social and behavioral development.


Your child needs encouragement and support. Appreciate your child’s skills or talents and show them a positive response. Do not enforce your decisions or expectations on them. If they want to become something else than what you expected, encourage them, and play a proper role in helping them become what they want to be.

Parental Control Software

You cannot stop your child from using electronic media. However, you can keep a check on their social activities by using an app like flexispy.


Being a parent is a blessing. It is every parent’s dream to raise a child who becomes a role model for others. Some tips and parenting styles would help you adapt to good styles and nurture your child in the best possible way. 

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