Moissanite gemstones have taken the jewel world by storm, thanks to Henri Moissan, the French geologist and one-time Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, for its discovery. He stumbled on the substance in a meteor crash site in Arizona. As such, most people believe that it is a gem born of the stars; in other words, a terrestrial material. However, far from such a notion, moissanite is a natural occurring compound (Silicon Carbide) found in several rock formations in the world. Due to its rarity, scientists produce the precious stone in the lab.


Why Moissanite?

Whether you are of the opinion that moissanite comes from outer space or not, there is no doubt that the precious mineral has a strong foothold in the jewel market, contending with diamonds squarely. However, one may assume that it is a replica or knock-off of the long-existing gemstone. Interestingly, it has no grisly record, compared to its counterparts. Hence, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a blood diamond or one with a questionable background.

Several qualities make moissanite stand out from the rest. On the Mohs hardness scale, it comes second to diamonds (10), having a rating of 9.5. Additionally, it has double-refraction properties that bend and splits a light ray into two parts, giving it more sparkles or spectrum of light than its counterpart.

Moissanite Price Range

It is worth noting that moissanite cost a fraction of a diamond, providing that they are of the same specs – colour, cut, and carat weight. A 3-carat oval diamond costing $30,000 will only go for $1,500 if it were a moissanite gemstone. In the same vein, aa $5,000 one-carat diamond ring would only cost $650 for its counterpart. Interestingly, you will get the same value for less money. If you are on a tight budget, this precious stone is what you need to propose to your significant other or get a wedding ring.

Selecting the Ideal Moissanite Gemstone

You have to consider several factors when shopping for a moissanite engagement ring or wedding ring. There are several colour options to choose from, including the Forever Brilliant variant, which is 100% colourless. Moissanite in this category bears the same appearance with the classic diamond. In other words, they have the highest quality. For this reason, men go for this precious stone when planning an engagement for their would-be spouses.

Some moissanite stones are within the D to F colour code. They are colourless and appeal to a broad range of audience. Semi-coloured gemstones are in the G to I category. Whereas, those that fall within J to K option feature yellow tints, depicting its quality as well.

For some individuals, colourless gemstones are ideal due to the fact that they bear semblance to diamonds. Additionally, they produce more fire when placed under the light. Semi-coloured moissanite has a warm appearance and texture. Most people find these qualities appealing. Interestingly, you will always find an option that meets your preference and budget, without having to break the bank.

You can plan that wedding without worrying about outrageous expenses. Moissanite gems will serve you and your partner beyond a lifetime.

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