Dollywood remains one of the topmost and most attractive theme parks in American history. You have no idea how many people dream of visiting their favorite park – the land of roller coasters, trains, and food one day. Luckily-unluckily, there are a lot of things to do at the park. One day seems a lot less, especially if you want to get the entire experience. However, many tourists who come there do not have more than a day to allot to the world-famous theme park.

Where Is Dollywood?

Dollywood lies tucked away in the eye-captivating foothills of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is about an hours’ drive from Knoxville. The accessibility and versatility of the National Park to most of the southeastern U.S. makes it one of the most accessible and family-friendly amusement parks in the entire country. In fact, people from across the world are aware of the charms of Dollywood. Every year, more than 10 million people visit Dollywood with their loved ones. 

If you want to experience the best of Dollywood, it’s essential to have a clear plan of action. You need to make the best out of your trip. So, don’t forget to plan a trip that makes sure that you are not missing anything at one of the best amusement parks in the U.S.

Tips to Maximize One Day Trip to Dollywood

day trip to Dollywood

Here is a complete guide to making the best out of your trip: 

Spend Extra but Save More 

Waiting in lines is still one of the worst and most dreadful things that people can imagine. And since we are talking about one of the best amusement parks in America, waiting in lines is inevitable. Summer vacations are the busiest. You think you can cool down at the splash water parkbut looking at the lines of people waiting for the same experience does not leave much reason to enjoy anymore. 

The Time Savers pass allows people to skip the lines and save time on their schedule. You can purchase one upon arrival. The TimeSaver pass will let you to skip lines and go on rides that you want. It will cost you an additional $39 per person. Still, it’s 100% recommended and completely worth your money for people who wish to the whole experience in one day. 

If you plan to stay at the Dream more Dollywood Resort, the TimeSaver won’t cost you a single buck. It’s ultimately your call whether you want to visit an extra day or to save more time. 

Avoid Parking Fee and Time 

The parking spots literally go insane during the holidays. Obviously, they will follow the SOPs for COVID but, the time to get inside and find the right place that is neither too close nor far will chew up a lot of your time. Dollywood also offers the visitors the option of taking a trolley. Instead of getting frustrated over not finding enough parking space, you can quickly get to Dollywood within a few minutes. 

The trolley costs $1 per person, which is lesser than the parking fee. You can also save your time parking the car by arriving early. And by early, we mean a lot earlier – even before the park opens. This will allow you to park near the entrance and you will be able to avoid traffic jams. If you are willing to wait an hour or two, buy Krispy Kreme Pigeon Forge donuts and coffee as you wait for the gates to open. 

Understand The Map 

It’s a big park, and you only have one day. People who go there with no coordination usually spend a lot more time than anticipated in one section. If you want to experience the most out of your day, it is mandatory to understand the map and the structure laid out for the public. You should get yourself familiar with the plan. 

Find out all the rides, eateries, and entertainment options that you have at Dollywood. Once you know what to expect, discuss the trip and plans with your family or social group. You can also find your time. We prefer that you plan your trip in such a way that you go for water rides in the end. If you get wet as soon as you reach, they might not let you on the other rides. 

Dollywood is arranged to pay a massive tribute to the culture, heritage, and history of the mountainous regions of America. Most of the rides you will find there are paying a direct homage to the mountains of the U.S. The entire park is divided into 11 total themes. These are: 

  • Show street
  • Timber Canyon 
  • Wilderness Pass 
  • Rivertown Junction 
  • Craftsman’s Valley 
  • The Village Country Fair 
  • Jukebox Junction 
  • Owens Farm 
  • Adventures in Imagination 
  • Wildwood Grove 
  • Wilderness Pass

Understand Your Accessibility Options 

Dollywood is a fantastic entertainment opportunity for people across the world. It is a family-friendly park so you can come with your families, friends and older people as well. Like, take this opportunity to have a fun day out with your grandparents. Accessibility is not a problem as soon as you enter Dollywood. From taking the trolley to renting a scooter, all the people at the park can commute easily and according to their requirements. 

Since the parking area is a bit hilly, you might face elevation. Fortunately, there is a lot of shade and sitting space for you to rest. If you have a loved one with autism, it doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun. Dollywood is, in fact, one of the first autism-friendly amusement parks in the entire world. Just make sure that if you have loved ones or family members with special needs, help them keep up with your plans and keep the pace according to their liking. For instance, a child with autism might enjoy the smoky mountains cabin more than he would enjoy the Eagle Roller coaster. 

Understand The Seasonal Themes 

During its operational season, Dollywood hosts many festivals. Each of these festivals is a world on its own. There are multiple shows hosted by each festival. All the details are given on their website, so it’s up to you to decide which ones you want to see. 

For example, the harvest festival begins at the start of October. On the other hand, by the beginning of November, Christmas festivities at the Smoky Mountain Christmas will begin. These festivals are just an addition to the regular entertainment options. If you are looking to enjoy a fun day with the family, the rides are sure enough. On the other hand, if you want to experience everything from the pirates’ voyage dinner show to traditional Appalachian music performances, then we suggest you stay. 

Take Health Precautions 

With the pandemic staggering above our heads, safety should indeed be a priority for everyone. Recently, the Dollywood team has taken strong measures to improve the health standard among the visitors. You will have to go through a medical screening as soon as you reach the gates. They will ask you different questions related to COVID while taking your body temperature. 

People with higher than average temperatures are asked to go back. If you have even a mild fever, we suggest it’s better to hold back a few days and spend some time in quarantine. They will provide the people (who clear the medical, of course) a wristband. 

The park management has installed handwashing stations as well as hand sanitizing bottles literally everywhere. You will be required to pull up your mask during the entire trip and also sanitize your hands on every step. Some of the rides are even more cautious as they pause thing as the whole to sanitize the people. Due to COVID, social distance is maintained among people, and the rides will not be filled to their capacity. Do not forget to bring your own sanitizing materials. 


Dollywood is a great escape and vacation spot for people who want time away from their stressful routines and with their families. Whether you are a tourist or looking for some time away with your family or friends, Dollywood is the best option for you. The park provides enough entertainment opportunities for people. It is one of the most accessible and family-friendly places in the USA. Just make sure that you do not have any symptoms of COVID and carry your safety and sanitization equipment with you throughout the trip. 

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