While your cutlery items bought from local shops may now be made of cheaper metals, some people do still have older, real silver items in their homes. These may have been statement pieces passed down through generations or something you picked up at an auction or boot sale. If these do still get used, that is fantastic, but if they are simply boxed away to gather dust, you may be able to turn them into something more of use to you.

old silverware


If your silverware is unused and has been for many years, there is a high chance that this will not change. When this is the case, it may be worthwhile to consider selling them. There are a number of ways to sell silver, but one of these is to take the items to a genuine dealer in precious metals. This can sometimes be achieved at jewellery stores or you can get a quote online (click the link to find out more information). They will look at the quality of the silver, markings, and weight, to give you a fair price for the items.

The age and condition of your items may warrant more or less money. If the silver is extensively damaged, you may find yourself with a lot less. Likewise, older pieces that have been well looked after may bring you a reasonable amount of money. Some of these could even fetch a few thousand pounds, depending on the quality. Your amount may be significantly less, but it is better than clogging up your home with useless items.

Looking After

Instead of selling the items, you may choose to keep them, either for sentimental reasons if they were passed down through your family, or to be used. Either way, it is important that these pieces are kept properly, to avoid any tarnishing or other damage.

Cleaning your silverware regularly can help remove the tarnish, even if it gets quite bad. You can either opt to buy bespoke silver cleaners, or make your own cleaner at home. Something as simple as washing up liquid can really help to bring back the shine in even the oldest of pieces.

Storing them in a secure box or wrappings, as opposed to loose in a drawer, can also help to prevent excess dirt, as well as dents and other forms of damage.

Special Occasions

A lot of people like to keep their silverware for special occasions, such as holiday seasons. Using your ordinary store bought cutlery for the rest of the year can make using your nice silverware on Christmas, Easter, and other occasions more special. It can also help your table look the part, particularly if you have numerous pieces in a traditional setting.

old silverware

Old silverware doesn’t need to be kept for the sake of it. Unless it has meaning to you, you can either give the pieces a role within your home, or sell them to get yourself some quick cash. Looking after the pieces is imperative to both their usefulness and the amount of money you may be able to get for them.

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