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Apple Macs are great computers. Having dominated much of the market for many years, these devices stand tall as some of the most popular machines of all time, and a lot of people would find it impossible to use anything else. Of course, though, there are some areas where these computers fail. Gaming is a key example of this, and this can create some challenges when you have kids who want to use your Mac for education and entertainment. To help you to solve this problem, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to make games work on your Mac.

Virtual Machines

While it isn’t exactly the same as a typical virtual machine, software like WINE can prove invaluable to users who want to run Windows software on a Mac. This tool can take Windows games, work some magic on them, and then run them as if they were born to be used with your iMac or MacBook. Of course, they won’t run quite as fast as they normally would, and some older Macs may experience thermal issues with more intensive games, making it worth keeping an eye on your machine for the first session.

Game Platforms

There are a surprising amount of games available for Mac computers. This market isn’t anywhere near as large as the one which exists for Windows PCs, though platforms like Steam make it easy to see through the fog which can come with this market. When you install this software on a Mac, it will only show you games which are compatible with your device. Options will be severely limited, but there are still a lot of great games which can be played on your Mac. 

Improving Performance

With Macs not having much gaming heritage, it isn’t always easy to make sure that you’re squeezing the most out of them when you’re playing the games you like. Background processes can slow games down dramatically, especially when they are using a lot of RAM. It’s worth looking for software applications which can close background tools for you, with programs like Safari being hard to close fully and using loads of resources in the background when you leave it to do its own thing.

Hardware Compatibility

Most modern games can’t be played properly on a keyboard and mouse, especially when you only have access to a touchpad. For this reason, controllers are more popular for gamers, but using them with a Mac isn’t always easy. Learning how to connect PS4 controller to Mac is going to take some time, though there are plenty of resources around the web which should be able to help you with this. Modern controllers are great tools for gaming, though you have to work hard to make them operate as intended.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to turn your Mac into a gaming machine for the kids. This can easily take the place of a games console, making it worth looking down this avenue if you’d rather use the machines you have to get work done.

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