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As of the time of this writing, it has come to pass that Terry Jones, one of the stars of the Monty Python comedy outfit, has passed away. When comedy legends such as this come back to the headlines it’s easy to remember just how much the work they invested their lives in was all for the purpose of making people laugh, to give them delight. That’s perhaps one of the noblest goals of all.

However, we needn’t feel as though this humorous light has gone out in our own lives, despite rather sad news like this. In fact, making time for laughter, the most natural narcotic, could be one of the best things you have done for yourself in recent memory. You likely remember how nourishing it feels to be bent over laughing deeply with a friend, and we’re not talking about the polite chuckles, but the belly-laughing, nose snorting, spluttering guffaws that can help us feel good on a soul-level.

If you’ve struggled to experience this as of late, let’s use Terry Jones’ inspiration as a justification to once again treat our funny bones:

Find A Curated, Well Developed Show

Sometimes, you need the professional to make you laugh. This is where a little investment is needed. Heading to a comedy show or investing in Book of Mormon tickets to see the geniuses Matt Parker and Trey Stone (the minds behind South Park)’s best writing in an internationally renown show can be worthwhile. Not only does this give you a chance to see what everyone else is talking about, but it can help you find an environment suited to your comical interests.

Watch Old Comedy

Don’t get us wrong, new comedy can be fantastic, and most people have their favorite comedians. However, there’s something special about old comedy. From ‘Who’s On First?’ to older movies such as The Pink Panther with Peter Sellers in his prime, timeless comedy is always impactful. It could be that showing your son or daughter some of this phenomenal work from time gone by can help them find humor outside of their own meme-based interests, and back to good, old fashioned joke-telling. Sometimes, that’s all you need to bond through laughter.

Try A Few Podcasts

There are many incredible comedy podcasts out there, in fact, these podcasts make up most of the comedic conversation taking place in 2020. Odds are your favorite comedian has their own comedic offering, but there are a range of shows that can appeal to just about anybody. And if you’re somewhat out of ideas, you may also find joy digging back into the archives, such as with Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington and their especially important Monkey News, something that has never lost its comedic relevance. Not all of us can schedule special time out of your weekly routines to laugh, but we can listen to some audio while folding laundry or commuting to work.

With this advice, we hope you can make more time for laughter in your life. You deserve it.

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