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We all know just how much potential there is for summer to be pretty magical. When the weather plays ball, they can be just about the greatest days we can have. Alas, sometimes it’s not even the weather that stops us from enjoying the very best of summer – it’s ourselves. What with our busy lives and so on, the warm summer months can sometimes pass us by, and before we know it we’re transitioning into autumn before we’ve really got summer underway. But it doesn’t have to be this way – with a bit of thought, we can make summer as good as looks in our head. Which is to say, pretty amazing. Here’s how.

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Those Summer Days Out

The UK has more fantastic attractions than you might realise. All across the country, there are thriving cities, areas of outstanding beauty, and more quaint villages than you can shake a stick at. Of course, the big cities are where you’ll find most of the action. In London, take a trip to one of the many free museums, or the Southbank Centre and other cultural centres, and you’ll find free children friendly activities and some fellow parents to chat with. You can also check out to see what’s going on.


Attractions Galore

Of course, when the weather’s fine you don’t always to be in the cities. Why not plan a trip to one of the many amusement parks that dot England? Even if you’re not a fan of roller coaster rides you’ll find plenty for you and your family to enjoy. Alternatively, you can also take a trip to the tourist friendly coastal towns around the country. There are few things better than strolling along a beach with an ice-cream as the sun shines down. The kids will make sandcastles as you relax in the sand. Perfect!


Fun in the Garden

If you want to really enjoy the best that summer has to offer, you need to have a set up in your garden that is worthy of those long and warm summer evenings that you’ll spend with your friends and family. This doesn’t even require a massive overhaul to your garden, at least not if it’s already in a pretty healthy shape. Take a look at discount specials on accessories for your garden and you’ll be able create a homey, welcoming, and comfortable space in your garden without any difficulty. And if you haven’t already got a BBQ in the garden, then now’s the time to get shopping and add one: when the weather is fine, cooking outside is much more enjoyable than being stuck in the kitchen. Finally, don’t underestimate just how much of a difference having a frisbee and other garden games can make!


Gardening Joy

There is another side to your garden you can utilise this summer, one that isn’t just to do with solely having fun. You can use this summer to really get into the habit of gardening – and not just you, either: your whole family can get involved! There’s a whole host of benefits to getting into the garden, but best of all you’ll be giving your children a valuable education that won’t even feel like learning to them. They’ll be having fun!  Start a vegetable patch in your garden. They’re easier than you think you to get started and will deliver fresh vegetables if given proper attention for enough time.

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Further Afield

Of course, we all know that England doesn’t always give us the summer we deserve. Sometimes it can feel more like autumn than summer! But just because England doesn’t want us to have fun doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Instead of a washed out summer at home, why not look toward sunnier climates and head overseas for a break. The world’s your oyster when this is your approach. You can load up the vehicle and drive over to France and beyond, or you can book the whole family onto a plane and reach the golden shores of the med in just a few hours. Pack a few cultural highlights into your trip and it’ll be one your family remember for a lifetime!


When the Rain Comes

That being said, even family holidays have to come to an end, and if you’re in England and it’s raining you might want to tear your hair out. But take a second to calm down and you’ll see that it’s not the rain that matters, but how you respond to the rain! If it’s horrible outside, stay indoors and pick up a new hobby with your children. You can spend the day doing a spot of arts and crafts, or dress up and create your own short film. Let your imagination go wild – because who knows where it’ll take you?


Summer Parties

In the autumn and winter months people tend to hibernate and do their own thing. When the weather gets nice, everyone is game for having a few laughs and even more drinks. Could your garden be the spot for the best party of the year? If you’ve already taken our advice and invested in garden furniture you won’t need much more to get it set up. The only question will be who gets an invite! Load up on drinks and BBQ food and let the night take its course. There are few things better than spending a warm summer day with friends and family!


All in the Attitude

Ultimately, it’s not so important what you do during the summer as how you do it. Go into the next few months with a ‘can do’ summer attitude and you’ll find that once you get the ball rolling with ideas that they don’t stop. We spend the whole of the year looking forward to the simple pleasures that summer promises us, so don’t let it pass you by without a fight. You’ll only get out of summer what you put in: so go big!



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