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Do you want to surprise a word lover for real? You can easily recognise the logophile in your life – yes, believe it or not, but a logophile is actually a word lover. He or she is the friend who can’t reply to a simply yes/no question by text with a direct answer. It has to be a lengthy and sophisticated paragraph, which might make it tricky if you expect a quick text back but which is so much fun to read. Or he/she is that relative who send you postcards of a holiday in an envelope so that they can add an extra sheet of paper to finish writing their vacation anecdotes.

When someone loves words, it’s like a contagious disease: Everything they see, touch or experience turns into a million-word story for the pleasure of everyone around. They don’t just go to the shop; they proceed to an explorative journey of the social values of their local community. It’s not a night-out at a restaurant; it’s a discovery of textures and flavours that explode on the tongue. In short, they love words, and they can’t refrain from using them. So how could you surprise them with a present so well-thought that it’ll leave them lost for words…  at least for a few minutes!




For the tactile ones

Is your logophile the kind of person who loves to keep a pen on hand when they need to think? If this is the case, they’ll love a personalized stationery set for their correspondence and their thank-you notes. It’s a little old-fashioned for anyone else. But a word lover would be able to see past this aspect and embrace the simple beauty of a hand-penned note on quality paper. If you want to blow them away, make sure to add a fountain pen to the surprise. You can be sure that you’ll be the first to receive a thank you note with their name on it!


For those who have a million thoughts to share

For the logophile who has a lot to say about plenty –  whether it’s fashion, travel, or lifestyle – you could consider preparing a blog – fully designed and hosted – as a surprise. If you’re not au fait about the specific blogs requirements, the easiest way is to start a blog on WordPress. There you can be guided, step-by-step by the WordPress building templates and their easy-to-use plugins. A good idea, for an apprentice blogger, is to add a broken link checker and a duplicate post plugin and a social sharing function.


Inspire to blog


For that one big story they want to tell

If you have a friend who dreams of writing a book to share their story with the world, you can help them in the right direction with a writing software program. While some software solutions for writers come at a price, you can simply register to a free version that does all the right things and presents a perfect introduction to the world of digital assistance for creativity. FocusWriter, for instance, is a great app for Linux, Windows and OS X and helps to block distractions. Scribus is another helpful option to design great-looking material effortlessly.

So prepare yourself to surprise a word lover in September from a traditional stationery kit to an out-of-this world writing experience. Is there any better way to give someone the encouragement they need to create amazing stories?


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