We all know that life can change in an instant. What seems like a perfectly normal day, can quickly turn into a traumatic event that simply spirals out of control, leaving you injured, physically and emotionally drained and worried about the future. If you’re injured and you’re out of action for a few months, or your life has been completely changed by the negligible actions of someone else, then you may be wondering how you’re going to support your family and how you’re going to prevent this from happening to anyone else. This is usually when a personal injury lawyer comes in.

There are lots of circumstances in which you may need the advice or the representation of an attorney. Read on to find out more.

personal injury lawyer

A mishandled birth

What is supposed to be one of the happiest moments of your life can be completely destroyed by the negligible acts of your medical team. Whether the injuries are affecting you or have impacted the life of your child – what is cerebral palsy? Click the link to find out more – no one should have to go through the injustice of having a mishandled birth without seeking legal representation. From fractures to Erb’s Palsy, haemorrhaging, brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen – there could also have been neglect in the earlier stages of pregnancy. If this sounds like your current situation then speak with a legal representative as soon as possible.

A car accident

Whether you were driving across the country or you were driving to the local store, when you’re involved in a car accident the entire event is traumatic, upsetting and it can turn your whole life upside down. Car accidents are usually caused by the lack of due care and attention of one or both drivers, so when you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and as a result your injuries mean you cannot earn a living or provide for your family, it’s time to speak with a lawyer to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

You slipped and fell

When you head to public places like the mall, restaurants or the store for example, whoever owns the business or oversees the management of the building and grounds have a duty of care to ensure that the area is safe and hazard-free. If you slip or fall whilst in a public place and sustain injuries, then the property owners could be liable. Slipping on wet floors (with no warning sign), tripping on torn pieces of carpet, falls due to poorly lit areas and paths that are dangerous or unsafe are all common slip and fall cases.

Medical malpractice

Again, if your medical team has let you down then they could be liable. From misdiagnosis to a delayed diagnosis, an error during surgery, substandard aftercare that contributed to more health issues, medication problems or issues with medical products, medical malpractice cases can be complicated, but if you think you may have a case you should reach out to an attorney now.

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