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If you’re part of an elite group of mothers who enjoy the company of their in-laws, you are not only a rare breed, you are lucky! This means that when they come to visit you, they’re rather likely to telephone ahead and find out a convenient time that works for everyone rather than just turn up and expect to be entertained.

For many mothers, the in-laws love to drop in and see the grandkids at a moment’s notice, which is not convenient or fun for anyone involved. To be honest, the timing of the visit doesn’t really matter – you still have to get you, the kids, the husband and the house ready for their visit, and that’s where the fun of impressing the in-laws really does begin.

Impressing the in-laws

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Firstly, you need to establish whether they’re coming for a couple of days or a couple of hours. It’s likely that if your in-laws live far away, the first is likely. Of course, they could stay in a hotel, but we all know it’s polite to ask them to stay. Even if it’s your worst nightmare, you were raised with manners, so take a breath and offer them one of the new everyday sofa beds made by Furl. You want them to be comfortable – the less your mother in law has to complain about, the better, right?

There’s nothing worse than having someone spring a visit on you, especially if you’re dealing with kids running around as there’s a lot of tidying and organising to do. If your in-laws are coming for a couple of nights, then you’ll need to get the guest room totally ready and do a quick spring clean of the house.

Impressing the in-laws

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Ideally, when you have a visit from the in-laws, it’s at a time where the house has just been repainted, cleaned by a professional and you have a pie in the oven. Unfortunately, the realism is that your visit will be happening around the same time a sickness bug hits your house and the children have just tipped the rooms upside down!

Having to be in a position where you’re zoning in on all the dirt is one that can elevate your blood pressure, so you need to get your super cleaning and organisational skills ready. Getting yourself organised for the visit is either going to be a mad dash around the house, or a slower, more meticulous clean-up if you’ve been given some notice. To make life easier for you, we’ve got some cleaning tips to get you ready in a stress-free way.

Impressing the in-laws

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Impressing the in-laws tips:

  1. Dishes. A kitchen could be scrupulously cleaned, but if you have a sink loaded with dishes it’s immediately going to look like a total mess. If time is tight and they’re on the way, consider popping the plates into the oven to hide them away. It’s highly unlikely that anyone is going to visit your home and cook for you, so they won’t be noticed!
  2. Vacuum. You won’t need to vacuum from top to bottom, but the lounge and kitchen should both be vacuumed and mopped when anyone comes to visit, not just the in-laws. It shouldn’t take long and there’s nothing that makes a house look messier than crumbs littering the floors.
  3. Trash. Overflowing kitchen and bathroom trash cans are smelly, unsightly and unnecessary. Get them all emptied and wiped over with an antibacterial wipe for optimum cleanliness.
  4. Bed Sheets. Changing the bedding on all beds and sofa beds before anyone comes to visit is a smart idea. There’s no need to leave musty sheets on the bed and it’s far more inviting to have fresh sheets and pillowcases down, especially when your in-laws are visiting for a few days. You want to give the best impression and a nice place to sleep is a good one.
  5. Meals. If you have some time to pre-prepare some snacks and a meal, then get your partner to run to the supermarket for everything that you need. Getting a meal prepared early and in the slow cooker is a great way to save time and be able to entertain your guests when they arrive.

Having a visit sprung on you at the last minute isn’t fun and it always feels a little unfair, but if they’re your in-laws, you are going to be in an ideal position to turn that visit down if it isn’t a convenient one for you. When life gets busy, a visit from family can be a treat, so try not to dread it if you’ve got yours coming soon!


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