We all want to be the best parents we can be. Whether that’s by trying not to stick the kids in front of the TV too much to get them to be quiet, giving them an apple instead of a bag of crisps or encouraging them to be as active as possible. Encouraging your kids to be healthier is a lot easier than you think, once you find a few things that they enjoy, it’s child’s play in fact! Here’s a few ideas to help ensure your kids are more active:

getting the kids to be more active

Family Walks

A simple idea that works for improving the health and fitness of the whole family is to go on family walks when you can. With the nice weather starting from now, and hopefully for the rest of the summer, there’s nothing better than heading to the park or into woods for a summertime stroll. Make walks more fun by wildlife spotting or collecting leaves and flowers along the way and try and encourage walking instead of driving where possible.

Encourage Playing Out

With so many technology devices that encourage kids to stay indoors these days, it’s a parent’s job to try and encourage the kids to play out more. Kids will love these scooters from Skate Hut and playing out on the street with their friends is the perfect place for them. As a gift for Christmas or a birthday present they’re a great way to get kids interested in being more active again and something they’ll definitely love.  

Plan Activity Weekends

Instead of taking the kids to the cinema on a weekend or going shopping and out for some food, why not try to have some weekends themed around activities, Whether it’s heading to Go Ape for some fun swinging through the trees, going rock climbing, heading to the swimming baths or going bowling, any fun activity that encourages exercise is sure to go down well, plus it gets you moving around a bit more too.

Have a Hobby

One of the best ways you can get the kids to be more active is by encouraging them to take up a hobby. Be it a dance class, joining a football team, playing netball, hockey or rugby, there are so many ways that you can help your children to be more active, making them fitter and healthier as people.


With all these ideas to get you inspired, you’ll hopefully have your kids out of the house and bouncing around in no time.


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