Flowers For Your Interiors

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Fresh-cut flowers are the perfect decoration for inside the home, but you need to pair them with your aesthetic correctly. While bright green leaves are a staple on most flowers, the color of the pedals can make or break an entire decorating style. Use these following tips to appropriately bring flowers into your interior, no matter the age or style of your home.

Make a Statement: Dining Tables

When giving flowers for a gift, they’ll be placed on a dining room table as a statement piece more often than not. Every member of the family will gather at this location at least once per day, so it’s integral to focus your florals in the dining room. The amount of vases and bouquets you use depends on the size and shape of the table.

A long rectangular table can benefit from the “rule of threes,” which is to place an uneven amount of objects on the table because it’s pleasing to the eye. A square table should use a shallow bowl so that the flowers can float on top of the water.

Don’t Over Do It

Unless you’re going for a bohemian aesthetic, less is more when it comes to interior design. Sometimes minimal effort can produce the maximum impact. In a concrete jungle, too many flowers can overpower the space, so choose a single colored bouquet or succulents for their natural jade color. A single orchid on a mantlepiece will look better than 10 across the room unless they’re strategically placed in the correct vases. 

Add Color and Texture

Flowers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. If you want your bouquets to fit with your color scheme, you need to start with your most prominent hue first. A small lilac chair in the center of the room would pair nicely with lavender or allium (powder puff) flowers as they’re the same color. Just don’t put them too close to the chair. 

Either place your florals on the coffee table or a bookcase to add texture to the space. The organic vibe coupled with the unnatural accents will clean up the interior. Feel free to switch it up every few weeks to create a different mood.

Dress Up Your Bedside

No one but you, your spouse, and your children will see flowers on your bedside table, but your family members will see more of your home on a daily basis. Your bedroom is the first and last thing you see, so creating a beautiful surrounding is critical. Next to your lamp, place pink peonies on a grey or brown table in a low, elegant vase. Every morning, you’ll be able to stop and smell the “roses,” which will benefit your sleep cycle and overall health.

In The Hallway: Statement Pieces

Entering the home to find fresh, beautiful flowers on display can bring a smile to a weary face. There is no better way to be greeted than by roses on a side table or a bouquet of sunflowers near the staircase. In a hallway with a second floor visible, bouquets with a lot of height are preferred because they mesh well with high ceilings. 

Hallways with low ceilings will fare better with a sculptural silhouette and flowers that are closer to the base of the vase. A single-cut orange, pink, or white carnation in a deep, stemless wine glass will work perfectly in a small apartment doorway.

Use Floor Space

You’re not limited to counter space, bookshelves, and tables for flowers. Consider putting large plants or flowering trees on the ground next to a mirror because it makes the space look bigger. An olive tree can be an impressively large indoor plant, plus you can use them as a food source. You should also consider Birds of Paradise, macho fern, the rubber plant, or the kentia palm. All are large, beautiful, and look great in a medium-sized stone or law pot.

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