Parents play a crucial role in the academic success of their children. Kids aren’t born with an innate motivation to learn and succeed; this is something parents have to encourage from a young age. I have teamed up with a Hertfordshire independent school to provide the following advice to help parents understand how to motivate their children when it comes to school work and learning.

motivate children to learn

Learning Through Play

Try and extend learning past school hours by introducing some educational games to your toy box at home. Making learning a fun experience is one sure-fire way to motivate your kids.

Learning through the everyday

In fact, learning experiences can be found in almost everything we do, like taking a walk through the woods or baking a cake, or even a trip to the shops.

Encouraging their Imagination

Reading is another important learning tool for children, so it’s wise for parents to encourage this in the home. Make sure you have plenty of books available in your home for your children to choose from so that they can find something that actually interests them.

Alternatively, you could take a trip to the library. By developing an atmosphere of reading within your home, your children are likely to have better vocabulary, spelling and grammar. It also provides them with an opportunity to relax and explore their imaginations.

Lead by example

It’s wise to lead by example by demonstrating a positive attitude to learning yourself. If you are negative about school and lazy when it comes to working, your child will be the same. Instead, try and teach your child to be mindful and optimistic. If they feel they’ll succeed at a task, they will be far more likely to take risks and try new things.

You can promote this type of attitude by praising your child when they have tried hard at something and also by giving them achievable tasks to complete. Put them in the driver’s seat, so to speak, because this will help them with their confidence. A shy child with low self-esteem is unlikely to perform as well at school, which will diminish their motivation to learn.

Focussing on achievements is great in many ways, but sometimes it’s better to focus on the journey rather than the outcome. By focussing on what your child is actually learning and how hard they’re trying, you will show them that knowledge and determination are far more important than test grades. This will encourage them to continue to try hard and seek out learning opportunities where possible.

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