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Saving money is something almost all of us could be doing more of. In the UK, recent studies have found a worryingly high number of Brits have less than £100 saved up. For many years, people have used excuses like “I’ll save when I earn more” or “interest rates are low, so it’s not worth it”.

Thankfully, the perception of saving has been changing over the last couple of years thanks to fintech companies like Moneybox and Chip; these companies have made it easier for people to save money by doing the hard work for them. According to This is Money, 37% of people saved more money in 2020 than they had done previously and, apparently, almost the same number will continue this habit.

Despite this positive trend, many people still associate saving money with having to give up on the things you enjoy. Thankfully, this isn’t actually true and there are plenty of ways to save money while still having fun.

Enjoy Match Day Traditions

The average Brit spends 122 hours watching and/or listening to sport each year; that’s nearly two and a half hours each week. Of course, football is the most popular choice, but rugby, cricket and Formula One all have big followings too.

Going to watch the game in person is not cheap. Premier League clubs in London charge as much as £97 per person for a standard ticket. Outside of the capital things are cheaper but, if there’s more than one of you going, this price will quickly increase.

Watching on TV isn’t much cheaper. A Sky or Virgin Media subscription could set you back as much as £150 a month. A Sky Sports Pass from NowTV could bring the cost down dramatically, with the option of paying just £9.99 for one day. If there are a few of you watching together, this means a match will cost you just a few quid each.

Saving money doesn’t mean we need to give up on match day traditions either. If you’re watching the game from home, you can still have your favourite takeaway food, whether it be a burger, a pie, or a hotdog – you can just cook them at home instead. You can also still bet on the game by taking advantage of free bet promotions from one of the dozens of bookmakers that let you place wagers at home from your smartphone.

Enjoy Meals With Friends

Going to a restaurant or ordering a takeaway with friends provides a great opportunity to come together in order to talk, laugh, and have fun. Restaurants can get a little pricy though, especially if you’re dining out regularly.

Thankfully, you can still enjoy this experience without having to spend too much.

Hosting a dinner party at home and swapping the Just Eat app for something you rustled up yourself in the kitchen is a great way to spend less. You can do all the work yourself and show off your culinary skills, or you can invite your pals to give you a hand.

If your cooking skills don’t extend further than heating up a Pot Noodle, then fear not – meal kit companies like HelloFresh and Mindful Chef will deliver pre-prepared ingredients to your door. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions and you’ll have an effortless delicious meal in no time.

If you must go to a restaurant or order a takeaway, check out the multitude of promotions that these companies offer as they could help you save a pretty penny.

Enjoy Movies for Less

Going to the cinema is not a cheap affair. Standard tickets will typically set you back at least £10 per person but will cost significantly more if you factor in booking fees, premium seats, 3D surcharges, and “peak time” prices.

If you enjoy the cinema experience, there are still ways you can save money. Both Lloyds Bank and Halifax offer accounts where you can receive a “perk” each month or year in exchange for meeting certain criteria. Both offer free cinema tickets as one of the perks. If you jump through a couple of relatively simple hoops, like paying in a certain amount of money each month, you won’t have to pay any fees to have the account open.

Alternatively, you can watch plenty of great movies, including recent blockbusters and critically acclaimed originals through streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Britbox. Each one costs less than a single cinema ticket per month and you can enjoy as much as you want for a flat fee.

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