There comes a time for everyone when feeling sexy is important. The best way to feel and look and dress sexy, effortlessly, is easier than you might think – stick around for some tips to help you be casual, sexy, and to wear it with attitude!

dress sexy

Show off, but don’t be sloppy

Sheer fabric is a great way to show some skin without exposing everything. A semi-sheer top with a bra or strappy top underneath is a cute way to entice without giving the game away. One word of warning though – balance the other half of your outfit by covering up properly across the half the you are not highlighting.

Well-fitting clothing is the secret to pulling off a sexy dress. Too baggy, and you’ll be hiding your assets. Too tight, and you can end up looking trashy. Rather tailor your look around your best assets, and only accentuate one area at a time. The reason for this is that too much accentuation can make the outfit seem to busy – like it has too much going on – and that can be overwhelming.

Pick your area

Accentuating is easy: if you like what your arms look like, wear more sleeveless tops! Got a great back? Open-back clothing will be a winner! A sexy dress or a short skirt is, of course, always a winner to accentuate a great pair of legs.

You can easily achieve a sexier look by making simple tweaks to your existing wardrobe – remember, it doesn’t all have to happen at once! Switch out a chunky sweater for a dark-colored turtleneck, swap a loose skirt for a tighter pencil skirt, and go for form-fitting shirts and dresses, instead of baggy. These changes might seem small and insignificant, but they are sure-fire winner to giving you a subtle sexiness.

The golden rule

Body-hugging clothing is a difficult topic. Even if you choose a figure-hugging sexy dress, you always want to leave something to the imagination. So what’s the golden rule? When you go for tight or tiny, cover up.

This basically means that you choose one or the other – skin or form-fitting. Never both! Keep the opposite half covered, and people will be drawn to it. Too much of a good thing is also never good – even when it comes to a sexy dress! Rather opt for dresses that combine casual and sexy, by alternating length and style. Wear something with a bit more drape in it for a more casual look, or try to offset a short sexy dress with a more demure jacket.

What is dressing sexy actually?

The answer to this question lies in moving away from what is not sexy! Any fakeness or disguising element to your outfit, like far too much makeup of selftan, or underwear that changes your breast size, is not sexy. Accentuating and highlighting what you naturally have is sexy.

But of course the confidence to be yourself is the sexiest of all!

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