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Lighting in our home is everything. Time and time again we get asked how to create the perfect home mood and atmosphere through lighting, so here is our essential guide to getting the lighting right in your home, once and for all.

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The Right Variety

Firstly there is no one-size-fits-all approach to lighting. It completely depends on the type of mood you are wanting to create. Whether you want functional lighting for home offices and kitchens. Whether you want natural light for bedrooms and bathrooms and whether you are looking for cosier lighting in your living room. The most important thing that you establish to begin with is the type of mood that you want to create in each room, and work from there. Light style is very important of course, but so is light quality and the way you use those lights can completely change the space.

Having multiple light sources will allow you to play with and control the ambience in each space depending on your mood at that moment, or on that day. Using a mixture of table and floor lighting is the best place to start in order to create the lighting variety and options that you want to achieve. Depending on the size of each room, think about how many different floor and table lights you can integrate without overdoing it. Think of lamps as an opportunity to add something extra to a room, whether that is illumination, art or a happy and soothing ambience.

Different Types of Lighting Options

People are becoming much more bold and playful with the lighting that they choose for their homes and the results can at times being dramatic and can have a big impact. Being unique with naked bulbs is now an interesting new trend and can be experimented with everything from a squirrel cage bulb or two, to a row of old-school vintage bulbs. Bold floor lamps and feature room lamps can completely transform a space and are a great way to add a touch of style and ambience through a mixture of art and mood lighting. Overhead lighting should be restricted to practical areas where proper lighting is required, such as offices and kitchens. As the lighting in the other living spaces in your homes should be all about warmth and comfort.

Reading lights will offer all the light you need with the right bulbs and positioned in the right place. So for those anxious that purely focusing on accent lighting won’t be sufficient for evening hobbies and leisure activities, you need not worry. Mixing and matching a wide range of different lighting solutions gives you the option to be as bright or as dim as you please in that moment. Chandeliers will add instant glamour to any space and ceiling installed spot lights, with a dimmer, will again allow your home to be as soft or as bright as you please at any given moment.

Therefore finding the right lighting for your home is all about being playful and not being afraid of a little exploration. As each room has its own energy and natural light source you can have fun playing around with different combinations until you find a combination that works perfectly for you and your home.





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