Digital privacy is a growing concern for Americans as well as for people of other nationalities across the globe. CEOs of giant conglomerates like Facebook and Google have been grilled by members of the US Congress on data collection and data privacy on multiple occasions and for a good reason. These tech-giants collect and use personal information for various purposes; purposes that you never granted them permissions for. This is the kind of serious information the average Joe is missing out on. facebook use your private information

facebook use your private information

Google and its way of using your private information

Information Google Collects as you use its service

Google collects information about the apps, devices, and browsers that you use in order to access Google’s Services. The information collected includes device type and settings, operating system, mobile network information, the version number of your application, etc.

This information is collected when a Google Service from your device contacts their servers. For example, when you install an application from Google Play Store, your data is collected from there onwards. If you are an Android user, and you are using Google Apps, your respective device enables permissions from time to time to get in contact with Google for providing information related to your device and connection to its services.

The information that Google might collect includes:

  • Keywords you have searched for or spoken when Google Voice was active.
  • Videos you have watched.
  • Your purchase activity.
  • Your voice and audio information when you use audio features.
  • People who you communicate with.
  • The browsing history that you have synced with your account.

Privacy Controls: facebook use your private information

Google allows its users to maintain privacy controls in the following ways:

Activity Controls: Google allows you to decide what sort of activity you would like to see on your account.

Settings Related to Ads: Google allows you to manage the ads based on your likings and dislikings. You can change your interests, choose if your contact information can be used to bring about ads more relevant to your preferences, and allow or block services related to the advertisement.

About you: This privacy control allows you to control who can see how much of your information across services related to Google.

Endorsements Shared: You are allowed to grant permission for displaying any recommendation that you might want to give.

facebook use your private information

Apple & Its Way of Using Your Private Information:

Personal Data at Apple:

Apple believes in ensuring fundamental privacy rights, irrespective of a customer’s geographic location, race, background, social/financial status. Any information that might link up to them is considered private information and is not collected by the company, as per their claims.

Your Privacy Rights at Apple:

For the protection and security of your personal information, you must sign in to your account and verify your identity. By doing so, Apple takes responsibility for the safety and security of your data. Apple also provides you with a way-out, by clicking on a link if you don’t have a Data and Privacy page available in your region.

Data that Apple collects from you:

Apple claims that it only collects the information it really needs. It includes:

  • Account Information
  • Device Information.
  • Contact Information.
  • Health Information, etc.

Transferring Personal Information When Using 3rd Party Apps

When you use third-party apps on your Apple smartphone, Apple may share your personal data with the third-party app. This raises serious concerns about Apple’s privacy issues.

facebook use your private information

Facebook and its way of using your private information:

It has always been an open secret that Facebook gathers a huge amount of your data. It gathers information that you might want to keep private: browsing history, search history, location, etc. As users, we can try to limit the data that the company gathers, but it doesn’t change its code of conduct, and they will still collect the data they need, as per the observation of Forbes. facebook use your private information

Acquiring Data Through WhatsApp:

If you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, it might be news to you that WhatsApp shares your information with Facebook. Facebook announced buying WhatsApp back in 2014. It was promised at that time that both of the platforms would stay disconnected and even though everyone knew (again, open secret) of the cross-sharing of information, Facebook never acknowledged it publicly. It recently revised its privacy policy that sent a wave of mistrust among users and a lot of them even threatened to quit using the app.

Tracking of Data Through Other Apps and Sites:

Facebook follows you on different sites and apps, monitoring your daily time spent there and activities performed. This aspect has caused an ignition between Facebook and Apple, as the latter is to introduce an anti-tracking feature that will prevent Facebook from doing that. Apple stands firm in its resolve of being transparent with the customer and respecting their privacy.

facebook use your private information

Tips for keeping your private information safe online:

With every business/personal/educational/recreational transaction being conducted online, staying “private” is a whole task on its own. Fortunate for us, Forbes Technology Council has shared tips on keeping our private information safe online.

1 Opting for Complex Passwords and Hardware Security Keys:

Two-factor identification with SMS, code or private key, is safer than using just passwords. Nowadays computers and software are capable of cracking passwords as long and complex as 50 characters. Also, cybercrooks are becoming innovative in their ways of hacking into sites and retrieving passwords. It is thus recommended that you use different passwords for different accounts created through password generators and use a password manager to control them.

2 Do an Annual Checkup

An effective, but highly underappreciated and overlooked security hack: do an annual check of your system and accounts. The advanced features in password managers allow you to export all the sites you have used and secure your passwords even more.

3 Don’t Use Just One Email Account:

Using more than one email account is recommended to better protect your private information online. This makes it easier for you to spot a phishing email and harder for hackers to gather your information.

4 Don’t Share Your Social Security Number:

It is quite astonishing how many sites would ask you for your social security number. Legally you are not obliged to share such vulnerable information with anyone other than the federal government.

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