Has your child recently asked you if he or she can start learning a musical instrument? Perhaps they want to join a sports or drama club? If so you’re probably weighing up the pros and cons and wondering if it’s truly worth it. The answer is yes, it is absolutely worth it. Extracurricular activities come with an abundance of benefits that will serve your child well throughout their life, both at school and on a personal level. An independent preparatory school in Notting Hill, London explores further below.

Extracurricular activities

By taking part in an extracurricular activity your child will develop organisational skills. Essentially, they will be forced to balance both the new activity and their school life, without neglecting time for friends and family. Of course, the ability to successfully manage a busy schedule is not the only skill that a new club or activity will teach your child. For this reason, future employers and universities will be pleased to see extracurricular activities on a candidate’s application. Generally speaking, they like to see that a person has some unique interests and experiences they can share with others.

Taking part in something outside of school is a fantastic way for children to explore their personal interests and establish a sense of individuality. The skills they learn along the way will obviously be different depending on the type of activity they’re involved in. For instance, if your child wants to become part of a football club, they will learn the importance of teamwork, communication and the ability to solve certain problems. On the other hand, if your child wants to start having piano lessons, they may not learn how to behave as part of a team, but they will appreciate the value of perseverance and practice. What’s more, if your child ends up performing a piece of music in front of others, no matter how big or small the crowd, you will probably notice their confidence improve as time goes by.

If your child is truly serious about starting some form of extracurricular activity, it would be wise for you to look into something suitable either at the school or in your local town. Try to find something that sparks their interests rather than something that sparks your own interests, because otherwise they will not remain motivated and it will be a waste of time and potentially a waste of money. Don’t be afraid to speak to the teachers and other parents to get some ideas of possible activities for your child.

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