In the modern age of technological advances, we expect commercial products and vehicles to be constantly improving. Our buildings are getting stronger, our computers are getting faster and our cars are getting safer… well, most of them are. Unfortunately for the major car brands Honda and Fiat, some of their cars have been rated the lowest possible safety rating that can be given to a car. The Honda FIT safety rating was absolutely terrible, and the Fiat Punto, well the Fiat Punto, is the first car to score a jaw-dropping 0 out of 5 stars on the NCAP safety rating system.

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So, how are cars tested for safety?

The Euro NCAP rating has become the standard around the world for the most trustworthy testing of how safe a car is. Their 5-star rating is calculated by using a variety of vehicle tests. These tests are meant to simulate things like real-life accidents and crashes. They also test a car on how safe it is for pedestrians outside as well.

They are then given a star rating, with the higher number of stars being a higher standard of safety.

  • One star generally means there is marginal protection in the case of a crash.

  • Two stars mean there is some protection, but not enough to be satisfactory; there is also no crash avoidance technology.

  • Three stars mean the car has good protection in a crash scenario, but still has no technology to help avoid crashes.

  • Four stars means the car has great protection and probably has the technology to help prevent crashes.

  • Five stars means excellent protection and an excellent electronic crash prevention technology is being used.

These results are updated often, and the parameters used are reviewed every year. This makes the NCAP system the most up to date and respected safety rating for cars in the world. And while a safety rating will never completely capture every aspect of a car’s safety and technology, it gives you a good general indication to go by when you are looking into purchasing a vehicle.

Bad History

Unfortunately for Honda, this is not the first time their name has been dragged through the mud. In Texas, a couple was awarded $42 million dollars after they both ended up with severe injuries during a crash. The reasoning? When they took their car to be repaired at a Honda dealership after a roof problem, Honda technicians were meant to weld a new roof onto the top of the car. What they did instead is glue it, meaning during the crash, the roof peeled off, causing the pair to be seriously injured.

If you have kids or a family that you love, and you are the main driver, you want a car that is going to protect them in the small chance that you have a crash.

So, at the end of the day, if you are on the market for a new car, a nice safe model that you can drive around in feeling confident is the way forward. Don’t buy a Fiat or a Honda without conducting proper research first.

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