When looking for a cleaning company to hire, there are various considerations that one should keep in mind before signing any contract. This is important not only to get the kind of cleaning service you desire but also to get the most out of the money you pay. However, if it is your first time to engage in this kind of service, hiring your first cleaner may be challenging as you will have very little knowledge where to start first. If you or someone you know is planning to hire a trained cleaner for the first time, worry no more as we will provide some tips about what to consider before signing any cleaning service contract.

hiring your first cleaner

1. Get Recommendations

Reaching out to your neighbours, family or friends for the best cleaning company to hire is one of the surest ways of getting your money’s worth and cleaning service you’re looking for. Indeed, your family and friends would not recommend a company that can’t deliver the expectation you have; they will certainly only suggest to you the company that also gives them the high-quality of service they get when they hire someone to do the cleaning for them.

If your family and friends already have a long-established relationship with a cleaning service provider, that should be a sufficient proof that this company offers excellent service because your family or friends would not stick with them for a very long period of time if they do not provide desired cleaning results.

2. Do Your Own Research

If you are not very lucky to get good recommendations or referral from your family and/or friends, it is best to do your own research and see which company gives the best cleaning service bundle that is perfect for your needs and budget. A quick google search of “home cleaning service (suburb name)” will provide you list of cleaning companies that operate near your location.

Once you located the cleaning companies near your house, check out their website and visit customer reviews sites to read what previous customers have to say about their service. This way, even though you did not get a recommendation from your family and friends, the reviews of other people online will give you an idea of which cleaning company to hire for your house.

3. Ask About Insurance and Bonding

In choosing the right cleaning company for you, it is highly recommended before signing any contract that you are dealing with a company that is insured. This is vital as you need to ensure that you and the cleaning company is protected from any form of liability, such as damages, injuries, or loss. This will also give you peace of mind that your property and your family are safe and protected while the cleaners do their job, especially when you’re away.

4. Ask About the Level of Service

Before entering into any contract, make sure that you fully understand the kind of service each company offers? Visit their website and contact them for a quote and the service they provide. Inquire whether they offer fixed service or are they providing specific cleaning service?

Cleaning companies like Pristine Home offers a wide range of cleaning services options suitable for the varying needs of each customer. There are cleaning companies that offer customised types of service which are best for customers who want a certain level of cleaning to be done or the cleaning materials and solutions to be used in their house which can are eco-friendly and less hazardous to their kids and pets.

Getting this important information before entering into a contract will allow you more understanding on what type of service to expect which is reasonable for the fee you pay. This will also help you gauge how much money you have to save every month for the kind of service you want for your house.

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