I just about manage the day to day juggle of being a working parent. I am lucky because being my own boss gives me complete flexibility. Working from home means I can hang the washing out on my lunch break.

However, when another ball is thrown at me, and I end up dropping one of the balls I am already juggling, invariably the laundry ball is the first ball to be dropped. And we all know how hard that is to come back from. Before you know it the laundry pile is out of control and you are rummaging for a semi-clean school t-shirt in the dirty pile. It often feels like it would be easier to just buy new clothes and start again.

laundry service

Having just come back from holiday I am in the depths of laundry hell right now. Not to mention before we went when I was trying to keep on top of the normal washing, wash the holiday stuff, and deal with the on going washing as a result of a particularly nasty vomiting bug that Little picked up.

I often find myself wishing for a laundry fairy.

The good news is that if you live in London, Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester or Leicester, there are laundry fairies. They go by the name of Laundry Heap.

Laundry Heap offer a service where they collect your dirty washing and return it for you clean and dry within 24 hours. They offer an ironing service too.

It’s really simple to use Laundry Heap. They even have an app, you simply schedule your desired collection time.

laundry service

Imagine being able to hand over all of your holiday washing and not drowning in piles of it like I have been all week.

Imagine not having to rewash everything because you left it on the line and it rained. Or coming down in the morning and seeing the load still wet and now smelly in the machine, because you forgot to hang it out last night.

We have just made the decision to get a cleaner, because I can’t do it all, and I repeatedly drop the housework ball. Any time I get to spend on the house I end up tidying, or sorting toys or outgrown clothes, and never have enough time to actually clean. I’m fed up of spending my weekends getting on top of the housework and missing out on fun with my kids.

Companies like Laundry Heap help people keep juggling.

I would use a laundry service. Unfortunately Laundry Heap do not operate in my area yet.

I’ve come to realise that what may look like a luxury, is actually a huge time saver. And my time is valuable. I certainly don’t have enough of it. So I am all for using services that give me back my time.

I always knew fairies were real.

To find out more about Laundry Heap and the services they offer visit laundryheap.co.uk

laundry service

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