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Celebrate Father’s Day in Style

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Father’s Day 2017 will take place on June 18th, which means you don’t have much time to sort out the perfect day for your Father and your kids’ daddy. Luckily, you don’t need much time because I’ve put together some great ideas to ensure you all have buckets of family fun on this special occasion.

Here are some of the ways you can celebrate Father’s Day in style:

With Special Gifts

Make sure that all of the dads in your life start the day off with some spectacular gifts. From 14k gold chains that’ll make him look hip, to the perfect whiskey for him to enjoy by the fire, the options are endless but ensure you pick out something he’ll really love if you want to get the day off to a good start.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed tends to be associated with Mother’s Day, but dads like having a relaxing morning in bed too. Buy the best bacon you can find and cook him a feast of bacon, eggs, fruit and muffins. He’ll love it, and the kids will love helping with the preparation too.

Go Fishing

What better way to bond with dad than with a trip to the local fishing spot, where he can show off his skills and teach his kids how to catch a whopper.

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If dad is really just a big kid, he’ll have hours of fun at the local go-karting place. Racing his children, getting his adrenaline pumping and showing off his competitive side. The kids will have a whale of a time too, and it’ll help them to make memories they’ll never forget for the future.

Go Camping

Celebrate Father’s Day in Style

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Want to spend some time bonding with the whole family, but ensuring that dad is the centre of attention: Pack up your tent and enough supplies to last you for the weekend and go camping. Dad will be in his element telling ghost stories, cooking on a campfire and teaching the kids how to tie knots, and you’ll get the kids to be more active as they hike and have fun in the great outdoors. What could be better?

Try Paintballing

Let dad unleash the warrior within by booking him a paintballing experience for the whole family, and maybe even a few of his best buddies.

Visit an Amusement Park

Father’s Day should be all about dad having fun with his kids, and there are few better ways to do that than with a trip to an amusement park. He’ll have fun trying to beat the carnival games and seeing who’s the bravest when it comes to the big roller-coasters.

See a Show

If dad is the cultured type, buy the family tickets to the local opera or theatre and go see a show he’ll love. He’ll appreciate the fact that you’re willing to spend time doing something he loves, even if it isn’t really your thing.

Have a Barbecue

If you want Father’s Day to be fun for the whole family, but you also want to keep things low-key, buy lots of good quality meat and have a garden barbecue where dad is the boss.

What do you usually do for Father’s Day? Do you have any neat ideas to celebrate the day?




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