Children learn best whilst playing and having fun, that is a fact. When the mind is stimulated, more information is easily retained, which is why it should be important for all parents to make the effort to play games with their children at home.

As opposed to discussing games that children shouldn’t be playing, this blog will focus on the games that they most certainly should be. Video games are not the be all and end all, that many of today’s youth would have you believe, and should not completely replace timeless classics such as the trusty board game, quizzes and party games.

games for parents to play with children


When it comes to board games, Monopoly is king. The game has been the cause of many an argument in households but, if you can refrain from profanity, there is in fact a major learning opportunity for children. The game is based around making and spending money, much as we do in the real world, by saving funds, buying property and making wise investments.

Children learn that if you spend your money in a silly way, they will soon end up with nothing – a valuable lesson that can be transferred into reality. If you do not fancy sitting around for hours as you play a single game, there are short-form versions of the game that can guarantee an average game time of less than an hour.


We aren’t talking about maths or English quizzes, children have enough of those at school and would, quite frankly, switch off at home. How would you like your family members to quiz you on your normal day-to-day activity?

Quizzes and trivia games can be made fun by incorporating incentives and forfeits. Games can be made up of questions on television, sport, family members, their own personal interests and more. For example, children could be asked to pinpoint key dates in the calendar, filling in events such as birthdays, holidays and other events from around the world such as Ramadan and Qurbani (for more information click here on when these days do fall).

Garden Games

As well as stimulating the mind, challenging them athletically is equally as important. Whether you have a big garden or not, there are some great games that you can get out and play (weather permitting).

Some games that make for great fun in the garden include:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Swingball
  • Basketball
  • Hopscotch
  • Catch
  • Tag
  • Hide and seek

There are numerous other games that you can play outside in the garden, or down the park, that will work up a sweat for your children (and you!). Keeping children fit and healthy physically also helps in keeping them fit mentally. With endorphins running around the body, your children will be much happier, helping them to approach everyday tasks with a positive attitude.


games for parents to play with children

Does your child possess a certain flair for arts and crafts? If so, allow your young one to explore their artistic side by drawing and/or painting with them (preferably not on the walls). Invest in canvases, pots of paints and brushes where you can sit and express yourself. This could be the awakening of a new passion.

Children love to show off their drawings and paintings to parents, so by giving the opportunity to get a little messy and showcase their very own Picasso can make for a fun afternoon. Even if your child isn’t quite the budding artist, paint always makes for a fun activity all the same!

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