As busy parents, many of us are well aware of how difficult making the time for regular exercise can be. But, following the Christmas blow-out, getting back on track and trying to maintain a somewhat healthy lifestyle is important. Not only does it set a positive example for our children, but it also makes us feel good about ourselves. Finding fun, new ways to work out with our kids in tow means we can bond together as a family, whilst ensuring we all keep fit and happy!

I teamed up with Healthy Mummy, a collective which empowers mums to live healthy lives and promotes realistic weight loss in the UK, through tailored meal plans, exercise and nutritious recipes, to find out the most enjoyable workouts to partake in with your kids.

exercises to do with the kids


We’re never too old to enjoy a good old jump around on a trampoline, and this is certainly one activity that your kids will thoroughly adore. Trampolining isn’t just a barrel of laughs though, in fact, it provides a full body work out, whilst also improving our balance, coordination and agility. If you don’t have a trampoline at home, there are now plenty of trampoline parks across the UK, making this a fun and rewarding day out for the family.

For the newest mums amongst us who have recently given birth, be sure that your pelvic floor can handle it, or wait a few weeks until you feel ready to start this exercise, as it can put pressure on the pelvic floor muscles.


Dancing may be one of the simplest ways to get your kids active – just pump up some music and start moving. You don’t even need to join a class to reap the benefits of this type of work out. Instead, many mums simply pop their kids’ favourite tunes on and start dancing around the living room or kitchen together. If you dance energetically enough, you can give yourself a full cardiovascular workout whilst having lots of fun in the process.


If you’re a lover of the outdoors, you might enjoy having your kids accompany you on your run, walk or bike ride. For babies and toddlers, you can run or walk briskly while pushing them in their pram each day. For older children, consider purchasing them a small scooter or tricycle so that they can trail next to you while you walk or jog. The kids will enjoy the adventure and you’ll remain active and benefit from fresh air each day – it’s a win-win for everyone!


Yoga and Pilates are both light workouts which aid the gentle easing in of fitness, which is particularly beneficial to new mums, or those who may not have the time for frequent exercise. These are workouts which are good for both mental and physical well-being, as well as toning and strengthening core muscles. Likewise, mums and children who make yoga or Pilates a regular activity may begin to notice healthier sleeping patterns and a stronger mother-child bond.

You can discover some kid-friendly yoga poses here, or alternatively, take part in one of the many mum-and-child yoga classes across the country. Joining a class also gives you the opportunity to meet and socialise with other mums in your area.

Do you have any other great work outs you can do with your kids? Leave a reply below!

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