Living in any city has that effect of instilling a sense of pride for most of us. It’s the kind of selfish pride that city-living is always preferable to suburban-living. As for me and my future family, I decided that I would not move us to the suburbs – I was wrong.

Actual parenting is the great equalizer. You won’t realise the inconvenience of being in a cramped city (and home) until you have your own child(ren). And as you’ll know sooner or later, a crammed life does not make for a happy toddler.

As you decide whether to stay in the city or adapt the suburban living, here are some of the factors you need to consider. Of course, there’s no right reason as to which decision is better when raising a family since every situation is unique. Here are a couple of considerations.

city to suburbs


Your family’s priorities

What are yours? Is it financial? Do you want to become homeowners instead of just renters? Are you satisfied with the quality of schools in your area or can you afford money for private/international schools? See what is non-negotiable and what has flexibility. Assess where you can best grow and thrive as individuals or collectively as a family.


The living space need

Granted there’s a plethora of things to do in the city. There are many parks with playgrounds, malls, entertainment districts and places with children’s programs to keep them entertained. If you’re renting, you won’t have to worry about home repairs since the landlord or maintenance personnel can be reached easily. The downside for most city residential places is cramped and you’ll constantly be decluttering.

Suburbs on the other hand gets you more bang for the buck when it comes to living space. Your kids have more room for toys and play dates. Moreover, you can have your own back yard with plenty of space for gardening or entertaining. The cost of living is typically lower as well.



Assess the quality of the school districts in the city versus the ones in the suburbs. Will you need to enrol your kids in private school if the public schools aren’t preferable? Check the competition for admission to private schools as well as the costs and if they’re worth it for your family.


Getting around

Cities let your kids walk and get exercise plus you don’t have to drive everywhere. You could instantly visit shops or get a bite at a farmer’s market or street fair. Leaving the city is as easy as taking a train or bus or renting a car for the weekend.

In the suburbs, you’ll mostly drive everywhere. See if you can carpool your kids. Regardless, it is more convenient to buy groceries and easily transport them to the car versus walking the city streets or hail a cab during a busy time.

city to suburbs


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Lastly, just because you preferred one living option over the other does not instantly mean you’ll be bound to that decision. Relocating is always possible, especially if you bought your suburban home in a growth location – rental options or flipping is easier and more profitable.


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