Have you ever considered that the job you are currently working within is the right one for you? Most people don’t think about whether their job is the correct one: they just go to work to earn a salary and hope for the best with it. However, there comes a day that you realize that the job you are in isn’t working for you anymore, and you need to look elsewhere. It’s not an easy task to look for a new role, but it can be done well.

Finding the perfect job is going to depend on you. You need to find the perfect job or you and that starts with making it known to yourself what your perfect job is in the first place. Everyone out there looking has the same gol when it comes to finding a job: find the one that soothes the soul before the one that soothes the bank balance. Perhaps you wanted to go to medical school and you never got the chance – could now be the time to go back to school? You could then find the right job with the help of Practice Match instead of going it alone. You need to know what your interests are, then match these to your qualifications and then find the job that suits it all. You can even take personality tests to know whether your personality matches the role you are looking for. 

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Once you have decided where your interests and qualifications lie, you then need to find the right role itself. This can involve the help of recruitment agencies, online jobs boards and going directly to speak to employers face to face. Is it going to be nerve-wracking? Absolutely! But you can build your confidence knowing that you are going after something you want to go after for a change. The internet is a good place to start, but it’s also a good idea to look at your contacts list and find the vacancy you want through the people you already know. You can send out open job applications and expressions of interest to companies for whom you would like to work, too.

Applying for the job that you want means putting together your resume along with a covering letter detailing what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there. People love to read that you are an ambitious person and that you have dreams you want to achieve. If you want to be invited for a meeting and speak to someone about your strengths and your dreams, you need your cover letter to appeal to the person reading it. This means crafting more than one cover letter depending on the jobs to which you wish to apply. Prepare to adjust your resume and your cover letter to suit each application. Your perfect job is out there waiting for you, you just have to know what that job is and how you can get there to grab it!

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