If your son or daughter’s last birthday before “big school” is on the horizon, then you may feel like there is some added pressure to buy them gifts that not only will they love, but also will stimulate their mind appropriately.

At four years old, your child will be at a stage of both developing their gross motor skills and fine manipulative skills at a rapid rate, so it’s important to think about gifts which will nourish these.

Here we’ve compiled a few ideas to get you started – if you need more inspiration, we’d suggest visiting the Wicked Uncle website which has a great range of presents for boys aged 4 and girls too. On their website you can limit your search by age, gender and price to ensure you find the perfect gift for pre-schoolers.

Looking for something which uses their creativity?

Your four-year-old likely loves nothing better than getting creative! At this age, children not only have a broad imagination, but also no inhibitions so love making their ideas a reality!

If you are on a tight budget, then even things such as crayon sets, paints and pencils can be great presents for kids – especially if it means they have loads of different colours to choose from and combine! If you have a little more money to play with, why not consider getting them a blackboard or whiteboard which will give them another dimension on which they can display their endless creativity.

Lego and other building block sets can also be a great choice – nowadays there are plenty of age-specific options available for you to purchase, which have been purpose-made to suit a specific age demographic.

What about board games?

You may usually associate board games with older children, however there are lots of benefits into getting your children into board games at a younger age. Believe it or not, at four years old your child will enjoy learning about rules and begin to work to them, so picking a simple game that they can quickly get the hang of will really engage them.

Dice games can also be a good way to start putting their counting skills into practice, and with school on the horizon it is also good for them to get used to taking turns!

Looking for something more active?

At four your son or daughter has plenty of energy to burn, so an active toy is a great way to help them not only do this, but also develop their gross motor skills.

Bikes are one of the more common choices, but you could also look at things such as pedal go-karts or roller skates which require a similar level of skill.

Alternatively, why not go for something sportier such as a swingball set or a basketball and hoop. Not only will these give you plenty of opportunities to bond with your child, but they are also toys which they can use on their own as well, not to mention when friends or family visit!

What would be your perfect gift for pre-schoolers?

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