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Most of us can agree that doing the dishes is the worst chore in the house.

First of all, it’s disgusting. Touching wet plates covered in old food, feeling the slime of uneaten pasta sauce on your fingers—worst feeling ever. And the smell—so many soggy foods mixed together in one place. Maybe you haven’t done the dishes in a day or two and something’s started to rot—yuck.

Plus, it’s so time consuming. Even with a dishwasher, doing the dishes takes so much time because there are always so many. The dishes pile up absurdly fast, and that speed grows exponentially with each kid you have. The stream of dirty dishes never ends.

The Solution: Vici Robotics

If I could choose one chore to be done for me, I would definitely choose the dishes. I feel like this California startup, Vici Robotics, read my mind when they created their dish-doing robot. I say “dish-doing robot” because it’s not a “dishwasher” like the one you already have in your home. It actually loads the dishwasher for you.

Vici’s Robot carefully picks up your dishes from the sink, places them methodically in the dishwasher, and runs the dishwasher with detergent. Once the dishwasher’s done, it unloads the clean dishes and stacks them neatly on a countertop.

Imagine coming home to a clean sink and a countertop full of clean dishes, and no one in your family had to suffer to get them done.

Vici’s Robot

Vici designed this robot specifically for the home. It’s tall enough to reach up to your countertops and into your sink, yet slender enough to fit through all standard doors and hallways. It has soft rubber wheels and all-wheel drive, which prevent damage to your floors whether you have hardwood, carpet or tile. Its mobility allows it to do its job regardless of your kitchen’s layout. Plus, its sleek, elegant look adds a modern touch to your home.

The robot’s capable design also opens the door to endless housecleaning possibilities. Although it only knows how to do dishes at the moment, Vici Robotics plans to teach it many other chores in the future. Next it will learn to clean countertops, do laundry, and even tidy the house (pick up kids’ toys, straighten pillows and chairs, etc.). Each time they develop a new skill, Vici will automatically update the robots in customers’ homes at no additional cost. This robot will slowly relieve you of all housework, one chore at a time.

The Housecleaning Service of the Future

Vici’s Robot makes housecleaning easy and safe. Because the robot lives in your home, it can do your chores any time you want. If you want the dishes done after every meal, Vici’s Robot will do it. If you want them done in the very early morning, or while you’re at work, or in the middle of the night, Vici’s Robot will do it without complaint. No other cleaning service offers such limitless flexibility.

The robot also comes with a super convenient mobile app. You simply set its work schedule on the app, and it completes its assigned tasks according to the schedule. When not in use, the robot automatically charges itself.

The app also lets you see what your robot is doing at all times. The robot has a small camera on its hand that helps it operate, but also doubles as a security feature. It records the robot’s actions while it works, and you can view the camera’s live feed as well as recorded footage on the app. You will feel secure in always knowing what your robot has been up to.

No more rearranging your schedule to fit a cleaning lady’s. No more planning to be home when the cleaners come over or worrying about leaving them alone in your house. Vici’s Robot gives you all the benefits of a traditional cleaning service with added flexibility, convenience and security.


Vici’s Robot will not grace customers’ homes until 2021. However, you can pre-order one now through the Vici Robotics website (available for US residents only).

To learn more about the amazing dish-doing robot, check out the Vici Robotics website or subscribe to their newsletter.

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