Even in the 21st century, many want to consult a psychic for their gift of extrasensory perception and their ability to communicate with the other realm. Apart from predicting the future, real psychics can be of help when at your wits’ end about something, finding love, simply directionless, or just trying out a new way of problem-solving. 

Although clairvoyants have been present in the world for a long time, there has been no scientific evidence to support their credibility or lack thereof, and that increases the risk from charlatans. So, before you decide to consult with a psychic, there are things you should know for better reading or to avoid being duped.

things you should know for a better reading

Things you should know for a better reading…

Not all psychics use the same method

While some psychics use tools like tarot cards and crystals or speak with mediums, there are some who simply use their intuition or psychic abilities to provide you with guidance. There is no “right way” of doing things. Real psychics try to provide answers no matter the method.

Psychics are not omniscient

They are humans! There can be days when they cannot perform due to their own exhaustion or failure to connect with the medium. They need not know factual information like birth date, place of origin, or marital status until they ask for those details, for an accurate psychic reading.

Each psychic is also on its own journey

Like a mathematician or magician gets better with practice and experience, a psychic too grows with time and training. One cannot expect a 100% truth about their readings because a psychic is merely providing an insight into a certain situation in your life or answering a question based on the context you present.

Predictions, not instructions

A psychic’s predictions are not set in stone. They use their intuitive power to foresee the future or the outcome, so do not expect word-for-word instructions to meet a desired and predicted outcome. It is up to you to follow the advice or not. If they insist that you pay or gift them to attain your goal, then it is sham! A real psychic will try not to break the natural order of things. At most, the psychic can give advice and set you on a path where the outcome is more probable.

Indefinite timelines

In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the soothsayer warns Caesar of the “ides of March”. Originally, the ides would refer to the full moon and reflect the lunar origin of the Roman calendar. So, the soothsayer was barely referring to an indefinite timeline and not a date. Similarly, a true psychic can only guess that an event would happen in a certain context or at an approximate time., i.e. now or in the future.

Intuition does not necessitate psychic abilities

Some psychics are gifted and born with abilities. They undergo years of training to become better and help the people looking for guidance. Intuition is only a small part of being a psychic. They meditate, learn to focus on a subject, clear the field for giving a clear reading. Intuition alone is not enough.

Pleasant and unpleasant readings

Everyone likes to hear or read good news. But a psychic predicting only good news without any warnings of danger can be a sham. A good psychic will present the good and the bad without any hidden intentions, like increasing the number of sessions and client base for increased revenue. 

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