As we grow older, we start to rely on those around more than ever for simple tasks like going to the shops. Equally, it’s important we keep our independence. With elderly relatives, we need to try and encourage them to keep their independence as much as they can.

There are different ways we can ensure they do this. We’re going to take you through some of the best methods that have been created to make sure the elderly can be independent. So if you have any elderly relative make sure to take note because you might be able to give them something back they may feel like they lost.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are ideal for more long haul journeys and can be used by those with mobility issues where public transport may not be available. There’s a great range of mobility scooters from Fenetic Wellbeing if you’re looking at getting one for an elderly relative.

There’s even a range of mobility scooters that are road legal. These can be used on the road like a pedal bike, especially in situations where the footpath is too small for a mobility scooter to drive down. They also have a great battery life so you wouldn’t need to worry about the battery dying mid journey.


Wheelchair were created to allow those with mobility issues to be able to have a bit of self-dependence. They can be pushed along by a carer but there are also wheelchairs that can be pushed along independently by the user. There’s a wide variety available including electric, self-propelled and transportable.

As an example, when you have young children it’s very hard to be able to watch what they’re doing whilst also caring for an older relative. If they have, for example, an electric wheelchair which they can control themselves it takes the weight off you having to push around a wheelchair and care for your children.

elderly keep their independence

Walking Aids

Walking Aids, as the name suggests, aid the user with walking around and partaking in simple day to day tasks. They’re cost effective and long lasting. They take pressure off the joints, relieving any niggling aches and pains as well as providing the user with a bit of additional safety and security.

Walking frames, also referred to as Zimmer Frames, are both popular and cost effective. They help the user get from A to B and give them additional balance when they’re walking around. There’s also rollators which are similar but come on wheels. This means they can be pushed along and are ideal for any users who struggle to lift a walking frame.

elderly keep their independence

There’s a huge range of mobility aids available to the disabled and elderly that can help them to maintain some of the independence that they may have lost over the years. If you have any comments or tips make sure to add them in the comments section below. Any tips and advice can be useful, we need to ensure we take good care of those who took care of us for so many years.

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