Whether your little one is moving from a nursery into a big boy or girl bedroom, or you’ve moved to a new house, the task of designing the perfect bedroom for a child is an enviable one. Well, when else is interior design going to be so much fun?! The bad news is that it’s incredibly easy to spend an absolute fortune on a child’s bedroom, particularly if you allow yourself to get carried away when you’re window-shopping or browsing online. The good news, though, is that redecorating your child’s bedrooms needn’t be expensive, or stressful in the slightest. Calm yourself and remember your budget. The even better news is that it’s going to take all of your creativity and imagination to come up with something special.


Play with colour and texture

A child’s bedroom is supposed to be fun; a den of colour, texture and sensory delights. Perhaps going too mad with the walls is out, but you can certainly add patterns in another way. Choose complementary accessories that fizz with fun and textures that will inspire little fingers and minds. A fleecy rug, textured wall decals and sensory toys are going to stimulate your child during the day, while blackout blind, nightlights and music will soothe when it’s sleepy time.


Use natural light

Natural light is your best weapon. It can make even the smallest rooms appear like palaces and give children the sense of bringing in some of the outdoors. Make the most of this light with funky curtains, or decorative shutters from DIYshutters.co.uk. Shutters have the bonus of allowing you to control the flow of natural light in and out of the room, so that midday naps are far easier to inspire. What’s more, they’ll dull outside noise, and can fight the harshest temperatures of summer and winter. Oh, and they look gorgeous to boot.


Create a multifunctional space

Your child’s bedroom is so much more than a sleeping space; it’s a playroom, a study, a reading room and a hangout all rolled into one. As your child grows and develops, he or she will want to spend increasing amounts of time in that bedroom, so save yourself time and money now by creating a multifunctional space. A mid-sleeper or cabin bed will provide the integral study space that a growing child will want and need, while bean bags and throw pillows are decorative and comfortable. How will that bedroom work for your family?


Embrace upcycling

DIY is your friend, my friends. It’s unlikely that you’ll have a limitless budget for this project, so learn to scout for bargains. Upcycling, which involves the redesign of existing items, is particularly popular right now and can turn nursery furniture into something that’s practical for your big girl or boy. Familiarise yourself with Pinterest and Instagram, too. Those sites and apps are a treasure trove of information, advice and inspiration. You’ll consider yourself a professional interior designer in no time – without their big pay packet, of course.


Get savvy with storage

The smaller the child, the more possessions they will have; fact. Your child’s bedroom should have plenty of space to move, play and grow, so be savvy with your storage. Hanging baskets and hammocks for soft toys, a personalised toy chest and plenty of under-the-bed storage are likely to become your saviours. Remember to store important, or breakable items well out of harm’s way!



Decorate a room that will grow with your child

Unless you have a limitless budget or happen to be moving within a short space of time, the chances are you’re hoping to do as little work as possible in your child’s bedroom over the next few years. Neutral walls with borders, accessories and wall stickers that are easily replaceable are going to become your best friends. If repeated redecorations are out, make sure the bedroom is going to remain practical in the years ahead.


Give your child a say

While there are some decisions you can never allow a child to make it’s important to ask for their input as you design his or her new bedroom. Your child deserves to have a bedroom that reflects his or her personality and becomes a haven when the world gets too much. Forget your design preferences for a moment and ask your little one what he or she would like. Compromise is your best friend!


Your creativity is your greatest asset. Unlike many other interior design and DIY tasks, which may feel like chores, designing a child’s bedroom is your opportunity to let your imagination run wild, and to have fun with all manner of colours, materials and items of furniture. The great news is that kitting out your little ones’ bedrooms needn’t be the expensive job you’ve been dreading. By embracing upcycling and clever do-it-yourself hacks, as well as scouting for bargains, it’s perfectly possible to design the ultimate child’s bedroom without breaking the bank. Go on, have fun and create a room you’ll


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