Buying new car tyres means making an important decision for your vehicle. The only point of contact between your vehicle and the road is your car tyre. Therefore, factors like tyre tread, grip and rolling resistance should be given due consideration when purchasing new tyres.

new car tyres

When it’s time to purchase new tyres, here’s what you need to know:

1 Finding Compatible Tyres

The first and most important key requirement is to find tyres that are compatible with your vehicle. You can find the right set of tyres by going through your owner’s manual, it will have a list of tyres that are best suited for your vehicle.

It is highly recommended to use the same tyres on each wheel position to ensure greater control over the vehicle and improved importance.

 2 Age Matters

It is extremely important to keep a close check on the date of manufacturing of car tyres to ensure that you’re not buying an old tyre. Tyres are made of rubber that tends to ruin over the period of time especially under hot climate. Look out for letters that indicate the week and year in which tyres were manufactured before purchasing them.

3 Tyre Size

A tyre’s size is usually listed on its sidewall for your reference. However, when you’re considering replacing your tyres then your owner’s manual or car door jamb should be read properly for buying the correct size of tyres.

4 Know When to Replace Your Tyres

You do not need to be an expert to know when your car tyre needs a replacement. A simple and quick visual check will do the job. Take a look at all of your car tyres. If they look damaged or worn, then you know they need to be replaced. To know if the tyre tread is meeting the required criteria, try the coin test. Insert a coin into the tyre tread, try to put in towards the centre of the tyre. If its head is not partially hidden by the tyre, then you need to get it replaced immediately.

Start searching and shop around online when you feel like your car needs new tyres. Affordable car tyres can be easily purchased online by various leading tyre manufacturers or dealers. For our readers looking for new car tyres in Birmingham, purchase new and affordable car tyres from Plume Tyres Birmingham branch, or shop online on their website.

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