Leather furniture not only gives your premises a million-dollar look, but also makes it feel the same. Most people like to have leather furniture in their offices and homes not only for the luxurious look that leather portrays but also because leather can last for a long while. Owning leather furniture can be quite an investment that is why any person who holds such furniture should know how to maintain the same so as to keep it in excellent condition for ages. The right care and maintenance will ensure the life of your leather furniture is prolonged and it stays beautiful all through. This article will share some of the guidelines dos and don’ts of how to take good care of your leather furniture and keep away that quick demise of your investment.


Here are 4 tips to caring for your leather furniture.

Caring for Your Leather Furniture
1. Keep away the household detergents

I know it may look like a good idea that you want to keep your leather chair sparkling clean using your household detergents. You may believe they will do a great job as they keep your clothes, floors, and dishes clean and nice. The truth, however, is that that it will do your leather no good. The detergents do more harm to your leather than good. The hard soaps will stain or even wear out the leather. Mild detergent, on the other hand, will remove colour from your beautiful furniture. Therefore, the next time you want to clean your leather dream chair, go for a mild non-detergent soap with lukewarm water and a dump piece of cloth. Save the detergent for your counter tops and dishes.

2. Heat and sunlight aren’t your friends

Leather is unlike the skin, which can produce oil, retain moisture, and stay soft even after being exposed to harsh elements. In contrast, leather is prone to getting brittle, drying up, cracking, and fading if exposed to extreme temperatures or sunlight. These elements will cause your leather furniture to dry up and crack which in essence is never a pleasant sight.

3. Cleaning

Spills on your leather furniture are an unsightly devil. If you spot a stain, you might be tempted to wipe it out but for goodness` sake, don’t. Blot it out instead using a dry cloth or paper towels and this will ensure that the stain does not spread. After blotting, let it air dry and wipe with a damp cloth. When cleaning crevices, use a vacuum cleaner to get out all the accumulated gunk. Every once-in-a-while, dust your leather furniture with a dry piece of cloth.


4. Extra protection

Leather can be quite delicate and hence needs extra care. If you have small children running around or pets that you`re afraid will ruin your fine leather, you may want to consider investing in a protective cover. This will not spoil the aesthetic look of your furniture, it will prolong its life instead. The main reason for this is that leather can easily scratch, get stained or even wear out fast. Consider investing in a good leather protective material at least until they are big enough and you`re no longer worried they’ll ruin your beautiful furniture.

The above are some of the ways to care for your expensive, beautiful leather furniture, which will help ensure you enjoy your investment for a long time. Especially if you own classic pieces such as Wellingtons Leather Furniture the tips above will come in quite handy.


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