Last September I had a pretty memorable night. I, the worlds smallest woman, met the worlds tallest man*. Fell over in a puddle. Then got lost in a maze of corridors whilst looking for my hotel room and being really desperate for a wee.  And I won the BritMums Readers Choice BiB Award.
*Not verified by Guinness World Records
An unexpected night all round.  You can read about it here, How Not to Attend An Awards Ceremony.
I was surprised when I was shortlisted for the BiB Award and genuinely never thought I would win it.
I work really hard at what I do and it is lovely to be recognised, BUT…
Blogging awards can bring out the darker side of the blogging community which 95% of the time I find to be a fantastically supportive place.
When the shortlist was announced I received lots of support and encouragement, but there were a lot of negative comments that, if I am being honest, pissed on my chips a bit.
But here is why they were wrong, and why you too could win a BiB award.

Only the big bloggers win…

I am by no means a big blogger. My social media following and stats are tiny compared to the big bloggers. My facebook page has been stuck just shy of 2k for the best part of a year, and will not budge no matter what I do.  And don’t even get me started on Instagram!!!  I truly believe it’s about engaging content. Not big numbers.  I’m the proof of that.

Acting surprised that they were shortlisted after they asked for votes…

Errrm? I did ask for votes yes. I know the majority of my audience are not bloggers, and if you are not a blogger how would you know to vote unless I asked you?  Personally I don’t see anything wrong in asking for people to vote for you. If you don’t ask you don’t get.  And I was really surprised that enough people did for me to be shortlisted.

There should have been more Dad bloggers nominated…

There are so many debates about this, and I can see both sides of the argument.  However I would rather be nominated on my own merit for something, rather than because I was a woman.  We are all equal, right?

It’s fixed.  It’s about who you know…

Errrm, I have no idea why someone would fix it for me.  And I don’t know anyone.  Seriously.  Just the other day my instagram feed was full of what seemed like every blogger in the country attending Christmas in July.  Everyone except me.  I wasn’t invited!  See, I know no one!

If you write good engaging content you have EVERY chance of winning. 

That being said, I do understand the disappointment of not making the shortlist.  I’ve been there.  But let me also say this, I am really proud of my award and it’s something I won’t ever forget.  However apart from having another thing to dust, it didn’t really change anything.  There was no fame or fortune.  People weren’t offering me tons of money to work with me.  I still have to hustle and chase unpaid invoices.  And no one came knocking with a lucrative book deal.  I’m still Jenny Claire from the block blog.
Winning the BiB Award has always has been a bigger deal to me than anyone else.  And I’m fine with that.
But If I can win it, so can you.
awards ceremony BiB Award

So here’s my advice for the BiB Award nominations;

Go for it!  ask for nominations because you have every right to, and every chance of being shortlisted.  Bribe, beg and threaten your family and friends for nominations. 
If you are shortlisted celebrate and be proud because it’s an amazing achievement.  If you are not, congratulate those that are and know that you are still amazing.  Don’t rain on anyone elses parade.
Continue blogging with pride and passion, no matter what the outcome.
If you would like to nominate me for Readers Choice this year, that’s great, and I am always grateful.  Here are some other suggestions for nominations too…
Five Little Doves –  Laura’s is so talented.  Her posts move me to tears and her photography is amazing.
Brummy Mummy of 2 – Emma is all round brilliant and my idol.  You can’t not love her and her mugs.
Sparkles and Stretchmarks – Hayleys blog is diverse, brave and honest.  She highlights so many important issues and does so with class and integrity.
Mothers Always Right – Molly’s body positivity message is inspiring and her kitchen dancing on insta akways makes me smile.
Little Hearts, Big Love – Louise’s daughter Jessica passed away this year and I have watched Louise navigate her grief with courage, honesty and amazing strength.
So Happy in Town – Susie is a brilliant funny blogger that I love.  I read her posts and want to be a better writer.
Toby & Roo – Harriet is the queen of insta, and her blog is fab too.  Honest and always on point.  I want her to be my bff.
You Baby Me Mummy – Aby gives so so much to the blogging community with her support and advice, it only seems right to give something back.
Mother Pukka – Anna is fighting for flexible working for all of us and demanding a change.  Give this woman a megaphone and she will change the world.
There are so many other bloggers I could list that are all deserving, including my tribe of friends, but it is impossible to list them all.  
Good luck to all of you.
You can place nominations by following this link.
BiB Award nomination form
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6 Comments on BiB Award – Why you have every chance of winning

  1. I’m glad you wrote this. Like you, I am a comparatively small blogger in terms of stats. I was so pleased for you last year even though we were up against each other for Readers; Choice.

    I also agree with Louise’s comment that the way the BiBs are done is fairer than others which are often all about how many people vote for you, which favours bigger bloggers or those who are willing to campaign ruthlessly.

    I know that some people don’t value awards. I do understand their point of view but it’s a shame so many of them trash those who do want to win awards. Different things motivate different people – what’s wrong with that? We don’t decide the way the process works – all we can do is produce good content and encourage people to vote for us. If it doesn’t get too spammy, I’m good with that.

    I do have a bit of an issue with dads being under-represented but it’s up to us dads needs to do something about it and get seen on merit. I don’t want tokenism or positive discrimination. I don’t even think there should be a separate dads’ award. There’s no point whinging about it. The only way is to produce content that is just as good as the mums and then be willing to stick our necks out. I would hate to think I was being rewarded out of tokenism – I’d want to win solely on merit. Oh well, that’s me scuppered, then …

    Good luck again this year!

    • You are not scuppered at all Tim, you produce great content, and were shortlisted last year because of that. Your kind words meant so much to me last year. I could write such a big list of people I would love to nominate, it’s really hard to narrow it down. And I do agree with you, Dad’s should be more represented, without tokenism. Good luck to you too Tim. If you don’t win one this year (because you deserve to) you should totally dress as a bridesmaid for the next lot. xxx

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely mention. Such a great list of bloggers to be part of too. I have to admit I’m having trouble choosing in some categories as there are so many fab bloggers out there! You were a very worthy winner of Reader’s Choice last year and I was so pleased when you won it. It is sad that there are sour grapes sometimes with these things though. I think the BiBs are one of the fairer awards to be honest though – it’s not just which bloggers have a bigger following which tends to be the case when awards purely rely on votes.

    • Thanks Louise. Your posts have given me perspective when I have needed it, and I have been so inspired by your grace in the face of unthinkable grief. You are such a credit to beautiful Jessica. I agree that there are so many to choose from. I swear it gets harder every year. xxx

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