The East End of London is not just famous for its cultural and artsy venues, but also is home to some of the best retro shopping in the city. There are a host of shops and independent boutiques selling an assortment of vintage items. If you are into collecting retro stuff, a visit to the Shoreditch area is a must on a trip.

You could even choose to stay at any of the boutique hotels in the Shoreditch area, to make it easier to shop and explore the neighbourhood.

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The Montcalm Royal London House Hotel could serve as a nice base from which you could set out to enjoy the best that London has on offer.

Some of the coolest outlets to shop for vintage items in the area are:


Rokit Vintage

One of the most iconic streets in Shoreditch, Brick Lane is home to two boutiques offering the famous Rokit Vintage brand. The enterprise started out with humble beginnings as a stall in Camden. Since then it has rocketed into becoming one of the top retro brands in the city, having four outlets in London. Besides their popular denim jackets and hot pants, Rokit specialises in selling recycled items. Old clothing items are recycled, with the inhouse designers displaying their skills by creating new handbags.

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Located off Brick Lane at the end of Hanbury Street, is Blitz.  Billed as the biggest retro shopping store in the world. It opened its doors in 2011 and comprises of two large warehouse areas with unique lighting and decor. There are dozens of racks with vintage sportswear, blouses, jewellery etc. at attractive prices too. The shopping experience becomes all the more pleasurable by dropping in for a bite and some refreshments at its on-site cafe. A wonderful place to shop for a wide range of vintage wear!


Absolute Vintage

Those people looking for vintage shopping can drop in at the Absolute Vintage Store. The store was formerly a retro shoe outlet at Notting Hill. In 2003, they shifted to their current location, which sports a very English frontage. They have a fine collection of vintage clothes and accessories for all age and gender groups. From dresses of the 1950s onwards, there is a large collection of clothing and accessories found at the store. The background music from the 1950s onwards to the 80s lends a retro ambience for shoppers.


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East End Thrift Store

Take a stroll down Mile End Road, near Assembly Passage where you will find the famous East End Thrift Store. Located in a former warehouse,behind its rather nondescript aluminium doors is a fine collection of retro stuff. These include a variety of items ranging from leather coats to handkerchiefs, dresses to bags and plenty more. A treasure trove of vintage items these range from different decades. Its location in the heart of Shoreditch is also among the most affordable outlets for retro shopping in the city.


These are just a select few of the many vintage shopping venues to shop at in the Shoreditch area of East London.

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