Parenthood is a beautiful experience. It brings us so many great emotions and experiences. However, worrying is an inevitable part of parenthood. You want to keep them safe, and they resist the boundaries you put in place. There are many advantages to being a modern parent. Parents are closer to their children, but there is a line you have to draw between being a parent and a friend.

advantages of being a modern parent

Teenage Risks

Teenage years are the most vulnerable period of childhood. Teens want to be treated as adults, but to their parents, they are still kids. Teenagers like to hang out with their friends, meet new people and have new experiences in their life. They use the internet and social networks to connect with other teenagers.

But, with the increase of internet abuse, your teenager might be in danger from internet predators, or a victim of cyber-bullying, sexting, grooming or any other form of internet abuse. As a parent you want to prevent any of these dangerous events.

Modern technology helps you stay in control

One of the advantages of technology is mobile spy systems. They are created for parents to know the activities of their children on the internet and social networks. So if you are concerned that your child might communicate with an adult stranger, or you just don’t trust them enough to let them out alone, these applications can be excellent solution for you.

Useful features of mobile surveillance software

With applications that track your child’s mobile, you can check all activities directly from your phone, even when your kid doesn’t have internet. There are lots of features that can be very useful in order to protect your child’s safety:

•    Messaging and chatting

Once you give your child a personal mobile, they will spend a lot of time chatting with friends. With a mobile tracking application, you have the opportunity to check out the persons your child corresponds with, and the content they are exchanging via messages. And if you find any of those inappropriate, you will be able to react accordingly.

•    Checking the call logs

You can limit the number of the contacts in your child’s phone, or enter only predetermined contacts in it. But, with a mobile tracking application, you can check the complete call log of your child’s phone: Numbers they called, when they called and how long the conversation lasted.

•    Reviewing photos and videos

With mobile tracker, you will also be able to check images and videos your child makes, and talk to them if there is any content that might be considered a legal issue, bullying, or other kinds of abuse.

Mobile trackers enable you to do surveillance without restricting your teenagers freedom. The advantages of being a modern parent means you have modern technology to help keep your child safe.

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