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Do you feel like you’re always on a diet? With the majority of us never being truly happy with our weight, dieting can feel like a permanent, endless state. At least you know you’re not alone in your struggle.

Problems We All Face While Dieting

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Whether you’re on the cabbage soup diet, a low-carb/low-sugar/low-taste plan or are simply trying to eat healthier – the struggle of dieting is real.


Take a look at nine problems we all face while dieting, you might even find solutions to help you stick it out!

1. Thinking you can lose half a stone in a week

Hands up if you’ve ever been guilty of setting yourself an unrealistic weight loss target? Let’s face it, it’s easily done. While yes, you might lose half a stone in a week through a severe illness or losing a limb – the truth is that it’s just not going to happen, and nor should it happen. When setting a weight loss target, remember that normal and healthy weight loss is around 1.5-2lb a week, so keep that in mind when you’re setting your goals.

2. Being good all day, then crumble at the offer of a takeaway

When you diet, you can restrict yourself from foods that you enjoy – often choosing foods that you’re not so keen on in a bid to lose weight. It’s no wonder that by the end of the day, you’re feeling miserable and a takeaway sounds like heaven! Instead of depriving yourself of your favourite foods, look for healthier alternatives instead. Learn how to cook some of your favourite takeaway dishes at home with easy-to-follow recipes – you’ll be much more inclined to stick to your diet if you’re eating foods you enjoy.

3. Weighing yourself on the daily, and hate what you see

Some people call the weighing scales, ‘the naughty step,’ and it’s easy to see why! Weighing yourself daily can be a torturous affair, and seeing the scales go up and down can mess with your head. Instead of weighing yourself every day like a mad woman, pick a day of the week. Wednesday is meant to be the best day of the week to weigh yourself, so save getting on the scales until then.

4. Losing hope when you look at the scales

Speaking of scales, is there anything worse than being good throughout the week and seeing that you’ve made no progress? It can be disheartening, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not doing well. Instead of relying on the numbers at your feet, learn how to take measurements instead. Losing inches is much more visible than losing pounds, so why not add some progress photos into the mix as well to help you really track your progress?

5. Investing a tonne of money into products you don’t like

Dieting isn’t always cheap. Sometimes it really feels as though eating healthier is more expensive, and to some extent – you’re right. While it can be easy to spend money on the latest weight loss foods, they’re not always guaranteed to give you good results. So, instead of just jumping on the latest Instagram bandwagon, do your research first. Reviews for Shake That Weight offer much more of an insight into what works – saving you money in the long run. More often than not, your money is better spent being put aside so that you can buy new clothes as the pounds start coming off.

6. A night out is dangled in front of you, and all rules go out the window

Nothing can make you forget your diet quicker than a night out. The calories consumed from alcohol alone will be more than what you’ve eaten in a week combined (maybe), and let’s not forget about the late night takeaway. In addition to the night out, there’s the hangover aftermath to deal with that will often leave you craving carbs and sugar like they’re about to disappear forever! Try going out the healthy way with plenty of water, stick to vodka and soda and cure your hangover with this smoothie recipe to help you stay on track the next day.

7. Talking non-stop about your diet

While your diet might be the only thing on your mind right now, your partner/best friend/desk neighbour doesn’t need to hear about it 24/7. Remember that there’s more to life than dieting, and the more you talk about it – the more it will consume you. Stay busy while dieting by finding plenty of distractions – soon you won’t even notice that you’re sticking to your diet!

8. Getting insanely jealous when a friend or colleague loses weight

Jealousy can affect you when you least expect it and is particularly common to feel while dieting. While it can feel disheartening to have someone else lose more weight than you, everyone is different – so it’s out of your control. Instead of letting the green-eyed monster take over, congratulate them and share in their joy. You’d expect the same from them if it was the other way round, and what’s more – they might be able to offer you some useful weight loss tips too!

9. Getting the results, then undoing all of your hard work

Reaching your weight loss goal is an achievement to be proud of, but it shouldn’t leave you complacent afterwards. Once you’ve lost the weight, you need to switch your goal to maintaining it. If you’ve adopted healthy eating habits during your weight loss journey, don’t give them up – treat it as a lifestyle change. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly is the best way to keep the pounds at bay, so be sure to put as much effort into staying a healthy weight.


Dieting brings about all kinds of stresses – but only if you let it. Stop common problems from holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals for a happier and healthier you. You’ll only ever end up regretting it if you give up too soon.


This is a contributed post


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