Looking forward to experiencing the thrills that come with scuba diving? Well! You have come to the right place.  You will first need the right and safe gear for you to experience these thrills. And trust us, there is a lot to see under the sea. If you are an experienced scuba diver, then maybe you can get some more insights, but if you are just starting out, then check this website to see what you need. Here are six items that you will need to have.

must-haves for scuba divers

Diving Mask

It is very important that you have a diving mask when under water. Since you want to marvel at what is under the sea, you need to have adequate eye protection to keep your eyes open. This, therefore requires you to shop around for a quality diving mask. You can opt to hire one if you are just on a short-term expedition, but if it is a habit you want to develop, then consider buying one.

Compass and Depth Gauge

You will need to find your way around while under the water and also gauge your depth. These are security measures that you cannot overlook at any cost. A compass comes in handy to give you your location relative to your boat, while a depth gauge shows you how deep in the sea you are. Without a compass, you can easily get lost and drown. Without a depth gauge, you might be tempted to go way below the pressure that your body can safely sustain.

Submersible Pressure Gauge

This is another vital device that you must have. Considering under the sea is a completely foreign environment for human beings, you will need to carry enough air to sustain you while under the water. This device monitors the amount of gas that you have alerting you when to resurface.

Diving Cylinder

There is no way you can dive without this device. You need to carry oxygen to aid in your breathing while under the water. The type and size of cylinders vary depending on how deep you want to dive and for how long. The size determines the amount of oxygen you carry. You should also consider your experience in diving.  

Dive Light

It matters less whether you dive during the day or during the night, you will need good light to see your way through the dark abyss. If you plan to get into underwater caves and reefs, then the light will come in handy. But either way, you need to have some form of illumination to see your way under the water.

Diving Footwear

You need to protect your feet while diving. There are a lot of jagged rocks, reefs, and coral on the sea surface. There are also various seawater animals that might be tempted to sting or bite you. With such risks, you cannot afford to dive with bare feet. Ensure that you get some quality diving footwear for your safety.

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