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Have you ever felt an instant connection with someone the moment you met them? Despite being strangers, you have a lot of talk with each other. Sometimes you have a lingering feeling in your mind that you have come across the person somewhere. If you ask a psychic, he or she will tell you that you have a past life connection with that person.

Despite what many people believe, most of us have a past life, and we are reincarnated in the world because we feel connected to it. Most of us have unfulfilled aspirations when we die. That’s why we reincarnate in the world.

To find out more about the past life connection between two people, we searched for reliable psychic websites. That’s when we came across, which has a blog about psychics and their intuitive powers. We contacted a few recommended psychic experts and chose to speak to Ashley to receive knowledge on the subject. According to her, these are a few ways in which a person can tell if someone has been there in their past life as well.

Meeting Them Causes an Instant Reaction

Ashley confirms that meeting someone who had been present in the past life causes an instant reaction within a person. It can either be a good or bad opinion, but it can never be neutral. You will feel an instant like or dislike for that person the moment you met them. Another factor that can be a sure sign is that you won’t be able to place a finger on the reason for that like or dislike. It will form naturally, and no matter how hard you try, it won’t change. Most often, the feeling is mutual because you two felt this way about each other in the past life as well.

It Is in Your Birth Chart

Ashley says that if you want to be sure whether someone was a part of your past life or not, you can find that from your birth chart. A psychic can see past life connections in the birth chart, and advise you whether you should seek the company of that person or avoid them. Many people seek the help of psychics to understand such connections for romantic partnerships.

The Behavior Doesn’t Match Their Role

According to Ashley, we always reincarnate with the same group of people in every life. However, the roles can often change or even get reversed. For example, a younger brother from past life might be reborn as the older brother or sister and still behave like the younger sibling. Mothers and daughters always share a complex relationship, and their roles can often get reversed in the reincarnated life. We have often heard mothers exclaim that they feel like their daughter behaves as the mom in the relationship.

Your Best Friend and You Start Where You Left off

Some friendships can get carried over to the next few lives, and every time you feel like you are picking up where you left off in the previous life. Sometimes friendships are so deep that you are reborn as brothers or sisters. In such friendships, you can lose touch for a long time and yet reunite with each other without feeling distant. Many millennials say that they lost touch with their high school best friend, and found them again on social media to become best friends once again. Ashley says that such friendships last a lifetime and get carried over to the next life as well.

You Find Your Pet at a Shelter

Have you ever been to a pet shelter or a pet shop and felt an instant connection with an animal? Ashley says that your past life connections are not just limited to humans. You can find your pet from your previous life as well. Or your childhood pet can be reborn and find you again in their next life. Pets that are reborn can recognize you instantly and feel excited to see you. They also might behave the same way as they did in their past life.

Ashley says that your past life connections would be easy to spot most of the time since you will have an overwhelming feeling as soon as you meet them. Whether it is positive or negative will depend on your relationship in the past life. If you want to be sure whether a past life relationship is beneficial for you in this life or not, you can speak to a psychic expert.

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