No one enjoys having dull hair, as it can make you look lifeless and weighed down. Either you have naturally straight hair that wants waves or naturally curly hair; the more defined curls, the better.

Styling your hair might be a simple thing that you need to accomplish for the day. Furthermore, a good hair day can instantly boost your confidence, make you feel good for the rest of the day. If you’re leaning toward having or maintaining your curly hair, you should provide extra care for your locks and keep it looking beautiful and well-defined.

To help keep your crowning glory naturally beautiful, here’s a list of tips you could do to get more defined curls:

Always Moisturize Your Hair

You can’t expect your curls to look healthy if you don’t moisturize them well. They’ll just look frizzy, which is the last thing you’d want to have for your hair. With that, make sure you use moisturizing products for your hair, especially with your shampoo and conditioner.

While using a moisturizing shampoo should be on top of your list, you should provide good aftercare by using a hair conditioner that can leave your hair incredibly soft and healthy. There are a lot of amazing conditioners in the market today such as the Davines conditioner line or other similar products sold by other retailers. Applying conditioner regularly to your hair will help keep it free of frizz, allowing you to brush your hair freely.

More Defined Curls

Divide Your Hair When Applying Product

This can’t be stressed enough, if you want to have defined curls, you should use products to help you achieve your goals. While it’s easier if you could just spread the product evenly on your palms and apply it to your hair, you might not be able to separate the products evenly on your hair. Anyone would be annoyed to have well-defined curls only to find frizz underneath it.

To distribute your hair products evenly, you should consider dividing your hair into two to eight sections, depending on your hair’s volume. This way, you can work your way by going from one area to another and allow the product to touch your hair. With this, you can apply the product to every strand of your hair, not just what’s exposed.

Dont Brush Your Hair

While brushing your hair will help give your hair a massive volume instantly, this may not leave your hair with a good texture and appearance that you’ve always wanted to achieve. You may be tempted to brush your hair so you can be free of tangles, but it can make your hair frizzy and ruin your curl pattern.

Ideally, you should brush your hair immediately after you shower and your hair is still soaking wet. When detangling your hair, you should use a wide-tooth comb gently from root to end. Alternatively, you can choose to comb your hair after applying your conditioner, allowing you to rinse your hair smooth and tangle free.

More Defined Curls

Air Dry As Much As Possible

Whenever you have the chance to air dry your hair, do so as air-drying can help keep your hair healthy and moisturized all the time. While it would be faster to use a hair blower to dry off your hair as you head off to work, intense heat can strip the moisture out of your hair, making it frizzy and dry.

If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait for hours for your hair to dry, you can use a diffuser dryer in low heat. However, you need to make sure you move the dryer quickly around your hair. Don’t allow your hair to dry entirely but leave it in a damp, near-dry condition and allow the remaining parts to air dry.

More Defined Curls

Scrunch Products To Your Hair

After taking your shower, you may need to use a leave-on conditioner or other products that can help define your curls. Even if it’ll be faster to comb through your hair as you apply the product, scrunching them will help provide better and more defined results. This one small step can help improve the appearance of your hair.

As you scrunch your hair, be as gentle as possible. Begin by scrunching once your hair is nearly dry and try to focus your movements on the ends and avoid the roots to avoid frizz. Moreover, you should consider looking for a water-soluble product rather than those that contain alcohol to promote moisture and healthy strands. With proper scrunching technique, you can allow your hair to have defined curls that’ll last the whole day without looking frizzy or dull in the end.

More Defined Curls


Everyone enjoys a good hair day, but you just don’t wake up with one, as you need to work hard to achieve the hair of your dreams. With your curly hair, you should try to put in extra effort, since one small mistake can make your hair look frizzy and dull. Moreover, you should also try maintaining the health of your hair to prevent tangles and nits. But with the hard work that you put through, you’ll be enjoying the appearance and health of your hair entirely.

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