It was in the 1950’s when skateboarding started in California and it was actually referred to as sidewalk surfing in the beginning. There are two main types, the shortboard, and the longboard. The former is very popular for those who like to do tricks on their boards, while the latter is great for cruising and racing.

Over the years, there have been many varieties of the length and size of the skateboard. And recently, a new innovation has been made, that of electronic skateboards, or e-skateboards. Unlike the traditional skateboards that need to be propelled by the rider’s feet, this time an electric motor powered by an electric battery is the one doing the propelling. If you’re looking for more information about e-skateboards,  check out the tips below on where to find good sources.




1 Look for YouTube videos 

If you’re looking for information, YouTube being the second-largest search engine in the world will most likely give you loads of information. The great thing about YouTube is that because it’s in the form of videos and not just written words, there will most likely be demonstrations and you will have a better idea of what an e-skateboards is like. Nowadays, there are more and more people who would rather watch videos explaining about something than having to read it on a book or magazine.


2 Ask people you know who have been using them 

It would also be a great idea to inquire from friends and skaters who are actually skateboarders. Ask them if any of them have shifted or actually tried using e-skateboards and ask them to tell you all the information that they think you should know about. Ask them also whether they would recommend any particular brand to you. If they have their own skateboards and e-skateboards ask if you can try it yourself so you’ll have an idea of the difference between the two.


3 Go to shops that sell them and ask the salespeople for more information 

If you do not know anyone but you’re still interested to buy, a good place to start would be the store. Look for a big store that would have several brands so you can compare the pros and cons of their products. Make sure to ask the salespeople about the features for each so that they can give you detailed information.


4 Research the internet for expert opinions about e-skateboards 

They say that you cannot everything about the internet, but if you know how to research, you will find some very credible sources that can give you great opinions about e-skateboards. For example, check out AuthorityAdviser for a list of the top e-skateboards in the market today.


5 Look through forums 

You can also look through forums such as Reddit and the like for what netizens have to say about this new innovation. Look at what their suggestions are so you can make the right choice on whether it would be a good investment.


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