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If you’ve got young children, bath-time can turn into a daily anxiety instead of being the fun it should be. You may end up with water all over the floor when your children decide to pretend to be whales in the bath. You’ve probably had half a tube of toothpaste squirted around the sink more than once. And, the shampoo you like to keep for yourself is never actually kept for yourself. Creating a family friendly bathroom isn’t easy, but here are a few tips to keep you going.

family friendly bathroom



Hook Up Toy Baskets

When you’re a parent, a hot bath at the end of the day can be the only thing that stops you from going crazy. So, the last thing you want is to walk into the bathroom and find bath toys everywhere. It isn’t exactly conducive to a relaxing atmosphere. So, why not invest in a hang-up toy basket. Attach it high on the bathroom wall so you have a place to put the kid’s toys that’s out of sight but easy to use. Take a look here for inspiration.


Hooks at Different Heights

If the kids are constantly reaching at your towel shelf to pull a towel down, it’s likely they’ll all end up on the floor and get put back in a ball of mess. Having hooks at different heights will allow you to assign a towel to everyone in the house and make that person responsible for hanging it back up. That way, you aren’t always washing towels and your bathroom floor isn’t always covered.

family friendly bathroom



Walk in Shower

A walk-in shower can solve most family bathroom dramas. You won’t get the same amount of water splashed all over the floor, children often learn to become independent much faster and you can keep toiletries at different heights. It’s also ideal for pregnant women who don’t want to climb in and out of a bathtub or women with newborns who want to kill to two birds with one stone by showering themselves and the baby at the same time. You can get an idea of what walk-in showers look like at You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the prices.

family friendly bathroom



Avoid Lever Taps

Yes, they look nice and they often make a bathroom appear to be more modern. But, if you have a heavy-handed child in the house, it’s likely to turn into Niagara Falls. Lever taps are so easy to use that the water often blasts out stronger than anticipated. For an adult, it’s usually easy to grasp the hang of it, but if you have young children, avoid them like the plague!


Closed Storage

There are just some things in a bathroom that the kids shouldn’t get their hands on. For instance, you may like to keep medications or cleaning supplies in your bathroom. If you don’t want your children to find some things, it’s best to have a closed storage unit that’s out of reach. If you’re really concerned, it could be worth getting a lock for the unit.


Finding creative bathroom solutions makes family time so much easier!


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