On average, 20 million individuals in the U.S. are diagnosed with drug addiction. Out of which, just 3 million get the treatment they need. 

Even from these 3 million, 0-30% run the risk of relapse if they make a sudden transition from addiction recovery center to their normal life. That is why it is recommended that you stay in an intermediary environment after receiving full-time recovery. Sober living houses provide that safe environment where you’re slowly transitioned back to your normal life.

The rules at a sober living house are designed to make you disciplined, independent and ready for the real world. Here are some of the rules which are rigorously followed in sober houses: 

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1. Visiting, Day And Night Time Curfew

The motivation behind the sober house is to re-adjust you back to standard living. A part of which is developing a proper routine, regulating who you spend time with and where do you spend that time.

To implement this, sober houses have certain regulations as to how much time you can spend outside the facility, who are you going to spend that time with, what time you go to bed and what time do you have to get up. 

All this is only designed so your body and mind are trained to stay disciplined when you move out of the sober house. The objective is to keep you away from the triggers as much as possible and having a routine is the first step towards it. 

2. Random Drug Tests

No matter how much the facility regulates your visit and routine, things won’t get better unless you’re fully committed to your recovery. Relapse happens, yes, but that doesn’t mean that you keep letting it happen and you cycle in and out of recovery. 

40-60% of people run the risk of relapse AFTER receiving recovery. To make sure that you’re not one of them, sober houses conduct random drug tests on the residents. These tests are unannounced and completely random so the residents cannot have a chance to plan their drug intake (If they’re doing that).

3. Support Your Finances

One of the most important ways of taking your own responsibility is being able to support yourself financially. Sober houses encourage you to get a part-time job so you can pay your own expenses at a sober living home.

If you’re unable to get a job, sober coaches and vocational counselors help you brush up your CV, train you for interviews and also help you discover your talents which can be turned into a career. 

Making your own money will not only help you become financially independent but also help you recover your self-esteem and make you responsible.

4. Community Building And Services

A part of recovery is being able to survive in a community with all types of people around you. When you engage with different people, you learn empathy, team work, tolerance and responsibility.  The sense of being useful to the community can bring about great changes in the recovering addict. 

That is why sober houses encourage you to engage in community building activities.

You are required to take the group therapy session where you socialize with fellow residents. Sober houses also encourage the residents to run the house and manage the bills, grocery, cleaning and every other thing that is necessary to run a home.  

A Sober Living House Is Best Way To Recover From Addiction

Sober living itself is not intimidating. It could be the real process of getting rid of your addiction. Sober living homes can offer priceless help for residents. You will live with other similarly invested people in recovery. These individuals can help keep you responsible in your own journey. Numerous individuals create important and satisfying associations with their roommates. These connections can be fundamental for your emotional well-being.

That is the reason proceeded with help is a significant requirement for every recovering addict. Truly outstanding and most secure approaches to offer help is through a sober living house. It will help you in living a normal and disciplined life without relapse.

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