Ah, the bathroom. It’s one of the busiest rooms of the house, and on a daily basis it puts up with a lot. Yet, when we start considering home updates and little renovations we tend to forget all about it. Let’s face it, the bathroom is a practical space; it’s not somewhere we tend to socialise or spend any more time in than we have to however that doesn’t mean we can’t make it look stylish, comfortable and chic. Bathrooms look tired and dated quickly, so it makes sense to dedicate a little TLC to them every so often.

Looking for a little inspiration? Check out these 5 simple ways to update your bathroom.

update your bathroom

Upgrade your lighting

Lighting in the bathroom usually involves a single overhead light on a pull string. It’s usually bright and very unforgiving. However a simply lighting upgrade will instantly transform your bathroom space into a more modern and stylish place. LED bathroom lights are popular because they’re versatile, elegant, cost effective and they’re also kinder to the environment. It also means if you’re trying to unwind in the bath after a long day at work or with the little ones (or just have five minutes peace), you can enjoy relaxed lighting rather than a stark, intrusive overhead lamp.

Additional tip: Candles are also a nice addition too! Try LED candles for a safer option.

Indulge in a new mirror

Mirrors aren’t just there so we can see our reflections. Mirrors actually create space and light in any room. Which makes them the perfect addition to any bathroom space, especially if your bathroom is on the small side. With mirrors, placement is everything so try to place a new mirror on the wall opposite your window, that way the natural light will reflect and naturally make the room bright and airy.

Additional tip: You can now purchase mirrors with built in Bluetooth, clocks, demisters and lighting!

Reseal the bath and your tile grout

Over time the sealant around your bath will begin to look worn, dirty and possibly even stained with mould. Even if you clean it regularly, it will still look tired over time, making your bathroom look dated and unhygienic. Simply resealing your bath or shower will instantly make your bathroom appear fresher and new, the same applies to the grout around your bathroom tiles. You can do this yourself or hire an expert.

Additional tip: Always hire someone who is a registered trader!

Update those accessories

A new toilet roll holder and brush, soap dispensers, shower caddies and bathmat. All the little accessories we use every day get worn, tired and even a little grimy. So, why not update them? It will give your bathroom a fresher look and make everything look cleaner too.

Additional tip: Try adding a houseplant to your bathroom for an instant pop of colour!

update your bathroom

Clear the clutter

It seems incredibly easy to hoard bathroom products and as such, our bathrooms often feel overcrowded and cluttered. Have a good clear out to reduce the clutter and open up your bathroom space!

Additional tip: You can always donate additional unused products to food banks and local charities.

I hope you found these tips for how to update your bathroom useful.

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