No one wants to think about having a car accident, but when you have a family to worry about, it’s important to understand the basics. Because when you know a thing or two about car accidents, you may be able to prevent them. And even if you can’t prevent them, you can help things go as smoothly as possible afterwards.

car accidents

Here are 5 facts your family should know about car accidents to help keep everyone safe.

1. Most car accidents accidents have avoidable origins

Speeding, alcohol, and reckless or distracted driving are some of the most common reasons why people get into accidents. And remember that you’re not the only driver who might put your family at risk. Drunk drivers on the road put everyone at risk. And drunk driving might be on the rise. For example, drunk driving statistics in California tell us that there are more drunk drivers on the road every year. Unfortunately, you can’t control other people’s actions, but by avoiding these things yourself, you can keep your family safer. And if you think you’re safe, know this: Drowsy driving is like drunk driving in terms of impairment, so you can add this one to the list too.

2. Wearing a seat belt reduces your risk of death by 45%

Most parents are good about buckling up the little ones, but you’re at major risk if you’re riding without a seatbelt. Even if you’re only going a few miles, you could still get into a fatal car accident, and this simple thing isn’t worth the risk. Seat belts even drastically reduce the risk of fatality when you’re in the back seat. Bottom line: Always buckle up. Your children need you to survive, so it’s just as important as buckling their car seats.

3. Always call the police

When in doubt, call the police after a car accident. There may be times when they can’t get to you, but you can let them tell you that. In most cases, a police report is the deciding factor in who is at fault. Without one, you could end up liable for injuries and damages even when you thought it was clearly the other person’s fault. By the same token, you should also get witness statements for any accident with physical injuries or major damage.

4. Contact your insurance company right away

If you plan to use a lawyer, call the lawyer first. Then, report your accident to the insurance company right away. You don’t necessarily need a lawyer in every case, but if there’s extensive property damage or physical injury, it’s a good idea. Having a lawyer will increase your chances that the insurance company will cover all medical bills.

5. Car seat safety is life or death

If you’re not sure whether your car seat is installed correctly, you can take it to a Car Seat Inspection Station in your local area. Check this website to find a station in your local area.

Car seats today are made to keep infants and children as safe as possible, but if they’re used incorrectly, it can be extremely dangerous to your child.

Because we drive so often, we tend to take things like safety for granted, but it’s important to remember the risks and responsibilities of driving in order to keep our families safe.

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