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So your wife’s birthday is coming up, and you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift. When you’ve been together a long time, it can be hard to continue to surprise each other year after year. And how are you going to beat that fantastic gift you bought her last year? 

You can Google “gifts for women” as often as you like, but finding that perfect present is difficult. A gift that shows your wife how well you know her and how much thought you put into it. It’s a big challenge, but by taking a moment to really think about it you will get there. There are a few crucial questions you should ask yourself to help you figure out exactly what your wife would like for her birthday this year.

What is your wife passionate about?

This present is about your wife, not about you, and therefore you should focus on her. Does she have a hobby, interest, or passion that she can’t stop talking about? This is the perfect place to start when thinking about gift ideas, as it will give you a theme to work with. For example, if your wife has been getting into yoga you could treat her to a high-end yoga mat or a masterclass from a renowned yogi. Or maybe she’s a Bruce Springsteen fan and would jump for joy if she unwrapped a couple of concert tickets. Everyone has passions, so as long as you know what your wife loves, the solution won’t be far away.

What does your wife want to try?

This one is a little trickier, as it requires you to know your wife well. Is there something she’s always wanted to try but never mustered up the motivation or the courage? Trawl back through your memories to see if anything jumps out at you. She might have talked about her desire to try skydiving or go to a Michelin-starred restaurant. Maybe she’s been thinking of getting into painting or cycling. If you get this present right, you’re bound to impress.

What does your wife value?

Some people love material goods, such as shiny jewellery and beautiful clothes. However, others value experiences and memories over things and couldn’t care less about owning “stuff.” What kind of person is your wife? If she’s in the former category, then you know you’ll need to find something that suits her desires and tastes. However, if she’s a more experiential person, you’ll be going down the route of weekend breaks and days out.

What does she need?

Presents don’t have to be fun. Sometimes it’s nice to unwrap something you really need. Although a new vacuum cleaner or work planner might not be the most exciting gifts, they will show your wife that you have her best interests at heart and will save her from having to buy them.

In conclusion, finding that perfect present for your wife’s birthday can be a challenge. But by asking yourself these four questions, you are guaranteed to come up with a brilliant solution.

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