Have you ever tried to quit smoking? Those who have taken on the battle of nicotine and won will tell you that it was the most difficult thing they’ve ever achieved. But it was exactly that – an achievement. It’s something to be proud of. Whether you’ve tried to quit smoking three or four times or maybe you’re contemplating giving up for good this year, when you make that initial first step it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed.

But the good news is that with some support from your GP, the right mindset and the following tips, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Read on for 4 things no one tells you when you decide to quit smoking.

quit smoking

You have options

Did you know that many people find success when they quit smoking because they switched from traditional cigarettes to a less harmful option? Vaping products like the ones on this website are hugely popular right now. And they can help you step away from cigarettes and the more harmful chemicals that you’re putting into your body. From starter packs to e-cigs, e-liquids and a variety of flavours, there is lots to think about, so speak with the experts to find the products that are best suited to you.

It’s not all doom and gloom

Picture someone giving up cigarettes and it’s easy to imagine someone shaking, someone who’s irritable and struggling not to indulge their craving. While this might be true during some stages of your quitting journey, it’s fairer to say that you can expect bad days and good days! Some days you’ll be on top of the world and start to revel in the benefits of quitting, and other days you’ll feel the opposite. What you have to remember is to focus on the better days and do your best not to let your down days spoil all your hard work.

Your support system is bigger than you think

When you decide to quit smoking, you’ll be amazed at how many people are rooting for you – from your kids to your work colleagues, family and friends. You’re investing in your health and putting yourself first so it’s no wonder everyone is cheering for you from the side-lines. You could expand your support network even further by joining a local support group and meet some new people who are also on their quitting journey. You may just make some new friends for life.

Your sense of smell goes into overdrive

You might be aware that smoking dulls your senses, in particular your sense of smell and by default your sense of taste. As the effects of smoking start to leave your body, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve been missing out on. You’ll be aware of how sweet sugary drinks really taste and how strong your partners’ perfume is. You’ll also come to realise how bad your garbage bin smells! And the smell of cigarettes will suddenly seem very unappealing!

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