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It’s often thought that you have to be rich to be healthy and well. And to be honest, it’s a heck of a lot easier to stay fit and healthy when you are a celebrity with a personal trainer being paid to live a certain lifestyle! 

But this doesn’t mean that we can’t all be healthy on our own budgets. In fact, there are lots of things you can do that are healthier and cheaper too. 

Stop Your Bad Habits

If you’re a smoker, then one of the fastest routes to saving cash and your health in one go is quitting. The smokers who are most successful are those who gradually reduce their dependence on nicotine and swapping to vaping is the easiest way to do that. Any worthy ecig store will carry a few different eliquids so that you can gradually reduce the concentration of nicotine you take in. 

But smoking is just one bad habit. Sugar, alcohol and fat are also problematic when consumed in excess. Swapping out some foods for healthier choices can make a big difference without forcing you to make sudden and all-encompassing changes. Plus, you might find that you actually prefer some healthier alternatives! Cutting down on drinking alcohol will also reduce your sugar intake and give your liver a break too. 

We are all guilty of a few bad habits and that’s okay. You have every right to live as you please and it would be very dull indeed if we all lived a perfect lifestyle. However, while breaking the rules is okay sometimes, it has to be within a relatively healthy context. If nothing else, you need to make sure that you are in control of your bad habits and not the other way around.

Quit the Gym

Yes, you read that right! Gyms profit massively in the new year because lots of well-meaning people join them with good intentions. If you love going to the gym and make the most of the various machines and classes then it is a great investment. But, if you don’t really like going, there are a lot of other ways to get exercise into your lifestyle for free. 

Accidental exercise is a brilliant option and is quite easy to achieve. For example, you could walk to work (or get off the bus/ train a stop early or park further away), you could take the stairs every time there’s the option, you could go for a walk around your neighbourhood. You could also turn your housework into exercise with some fun upbeat music or you could cut out the housework altogether and dance around your living room. 

The more fun people have when they are exercising, the more likely they are to keep it up. Any movement that builds your strength, stamina or flexibility can be regarded as exercise so push the boat out and find something you love doing for free. Even better, get your friends to join in and get some exercise together. 

Invest in Your Wellbeing

You have to speculate to accumulate and if you want to be healthy, you need to invest wisely – and we’re not just talking about money here. Investing in your happiness could mean investing your time on things like relaxing in the bath or hanging out with friends. You might also invest in your education to broaden your mind and open new opportunities. 

Any investment is about risking a little to gain a lot of value but how that value is determined is up to you. Investing in technology to benefit your lifestyle is also a brilliant idea and there are lots of apps that can help you track your fitness and other goals. Sometimes, you don’t need to make a huge change to have a big impact and just becoming more self-aware can be an incredible tool for improving your lifestyle. 

By spending time doing what you love, you will inevitably end up feeling calmer and you could actually become more productive as a result. In our hectic world, mindfulness is becoming ever more popular but how you go about it is entirely up to you. For some, meditation is great (and free) but for others, cooking, gardening or any creative exploit could be just as good. And when you are feeling chilled without spending money, you know you’re winning. 

Saving money and taking good care of your health don’t need to be mutually exclusive. In fact, the best of the two often go hand in hand.

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