Cats are naturally known to have good grooming habits which makes them a really great companion to have at home. However, once in a while, cats also need some little help when it comes to grooming as they sometimes go out and collect dust and dirt that they may be unable to clean themselves. Some cats may also have special needs which is why you need to make sure that you know exactly how to groom them.

You need to know how to do simple grooming routines like bathing considering that cats do not exactly like getting wet. Because of this, it may take a long time for you to clean your cat as they can possibly retaliate from you or they may get anxious. So when it comes to bathing your cat, it is important that you keep them calm and comfortable at all times. This way, grooming them is a pleasant experience for both of you.


Here are 3 tips to bathing your cat.


Of course you have to find them first!


1 Always choose the right time to clean them.


Cats feel more relaxed at certain times of the day so it is important that you follow their natural schedule where they feel more relaxed if you want to bathe them. This takes away the stress from them and will trick them to stay with you for a relaxing bath time. Try to introduce first an active playing session before you get your cat into the water to keep them at ease and comfortable. Choosing the right timing is crucial so that you won’t be wasting too much time and energy coaxing your cat to get into the water. Before anything else, observe your cat and find the right timing on when you can get them to bathe.


2 Have the right bathing products readily available.


Just like us, cats become more comfortable and relaxed in a bath if you use the right products. For instance, look for the best shampoo and soap to use that has calming scents to keep your cat enticed the whole time. In order to find the best shampoos for your cat, make sure to do prior research by visiting blogs and online store. You can also visit Felineliving to know more about the best cat shampoos you can find. When you have the right bathing products with you, you can provide a relaxing bath for your cat and make them love it even more.


3 Clip your cat’s claws prior to bathing.


Even when you try everything to calm them down, your sweet cat can still possibly claw and scratch you whenever they feel threatened with water. So in order to keep you and your cat safe, make sure to clip your cat’s nails beforehand. Snip those sharp claws carefully to avoid getting scratches. It is important that you make your cat feel safe and comfortable in this process as well so that they will not get anxious and threatened. And once you are done, you can now easily bathe them and avoid any accidents.

The most chilled out cat ever?!


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