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All parents will want to make their children feel as comfortable as possible if they catch a common cold. Nothing is worse than being congested and having a blocked nose or a sore throat. That can make the little ones cranky, and nobody likes to see their child looking under the weather. With that in mind, the three suggestions below should assist all parents in helping their congested children.


Use specialist vapour rubs

There are lots of vapour rub products available on the market today for children. In most instances, parents just need to rub the solution on their child’s chest for the best results. With a bit of luck, the product will unblock the little one’s nose and help them to feel a bit better.


Add some ginger to their bathwater

As the infographic below shows, adding some ginger root to bathwater is a fantastic way to alleviate congestion. It’s a technique concerned parents have used for a long time, and it tends to work rather well. Try it for yourself!


Keep them out of the cold

The last thing any parent wants to do when their child is ill is to let them play outside. It doesn’t matter how many friends might knock the door asking if they’re free, mothers and fathers need to put their foot down and keep their loved one indoors until they recuperate.


Use those ideas the next time your child gets a cold and becomes congested and judge the results for yourselves.

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